What is NASA hiding on these official photos (see caption at top of the pictures)

These and other massive structures have been airbrushed or simply not addressed.

The earth's history may be more fantastic than presumed by evolutionist. There may be 

evidence of advance civilizations existing on earth from it's inception billions of years ago.

What are the scientific and religious implications. Recent findings have shown that the 

earth was covered with water and had tectonic plates much earlier than previously thought.

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Are the MIB that gentle?
True, it wouldn't actually be called 'airbrushing'. But I figured I wouldn't muddy the discussion with correcting terminology. ;)

But you're correct. I could easily do a better job with an amazingly dated version of photoshop, let alone CS3 or CS4...
I think NASA is deliberately dangling the carrot. Why quarantined 37,000 photo's from the dark side of the Moon as a matter of national security then release several retouched photos from the dark side? They simply just could have issued nothing at all and we would be completely in the dark. Is this a rouge to keep the space program budgeted. Just like the so called microbes on Mars allegedly photographed by NASA scientist in a Martian meteor
Is this a rouge to keep the space program budgeted.

Dependsh. Do you have a lishp?

Forgive my incredulity, but do you have some sort of site, source or credential that actually leads somewhere? Obviously NASA is out, because they'd be in on it, but perhaps there's someone in digital forensics who has taken a look at the images? An analysis or commentary from a reputable scientist (in a relevant field), university or institution? Someone who can make actual claims for argument instead of speculation?
Yes there is an eye witness. A former NASA employee.

On Youtube watch The Moon Rising series by Jose Escamilla
Well, I've watched as far as part one (of eight), and while I appreciate you providing a source after I requested it, I'm already running into a major issue. They mention Jim Hoerricks, who seems to be a credible source as a digital forensics analyst, but after mentioning that they paid him to do an analysis, they seem to ignore that analysis almost completely, sniping just one small note from it that seemed interesting and favorable to them.

I'm going to wager that the sharpening done up to the point before the photo gets colourized was done by Jim. I didn't really take issue with that. The next set of manipulations are a joke. To say that the image reconstruction was done improperly is a dramatic understatement. I will call it nothing short of an outright lie to represent the image that way. Frankly, I was having a very hard time believing that the same person could have done them. After playing back a few times, I actually listened to the narrator. "Enhancements... made independently". In other words, they were not done by Jim.

Here's what Jim's analysis had to say:
Allegations: "On photo 1 I was able to see underneath at what looks like a strange but huge engine being worked on by what appears to be huge humanoid in a jumpsuit."

Scale: 1 pixel = 1km. - thus area in question = 49km x 90km = 4410 sq.km. Object is non-square. Thus sq.km = approx. total.

Likelihood of proving allegations: it is unlikely that the objects alleged by the client to reside in the disputed space could occupy the area in the image as described. (almost 10x size of the city of Los Angeles, CA)

Image Characteristics: Gif file. 768x768. Not original. Unknown compression ratio.
Unknown transmission method. Appearance of "smudged" pixel area.

No conclusion possible. Impossible to prove or disprove the allegation.

There appears to be smearing or smudging of the pixels in question.
Impossible to determine if the smudging was a deliberate act of differencing or defacing of the image or was caused by some error in transmission or within the MrSID codec.

There is no repeatable process available to discern what (if anything) was present before the smudging took place.



Basically, I'm not even an 8th of the way through, and I'm already being deliberately misled.

I share your skepticism. Without introducing metaphysics and an alien parallel reality it's a tough one to swallow. Of course it is possible but it would be in deathly defiance of Occam's Razor.
Of course it is possible but it would be in deathly defiance of Occam's Razor.

Errr... Occam's razor is a tool to use, not a law to follow that will butcher you when you disobey.

Omg, purple ketchup moon people! They must be what is hidden behind the blur!
Lol Shine!! Actually these are the leaders [dictators] of the Urkin Empire on the HILLARIOUS show Invader Zim. They are The Tallest. The one on the Left is Tallest Red and the one on the right is Tallest Purple. Yes they are aliens, from the planet Urk. AND I CAN PROVE URK EXISTS MICHAEL!!! NASA has known about this all along and Johnen [the creator of Invader Zim] has finally revealled to us their secret, that the Urkins are real and out to take over the universe!!! Everyone panic now!!

Here's a link to the first part of my favorite episode of that show!!
I know what these pictures conceal... Its the original planet-seeding equipment left by our alien 'creators'. Our government knew this knowledge would destroy many of earths religions and cause all kinds of uproar and chaos...so they covered it up.

Its time we atheists expose this deception and let humanity know the truth. Our creators were planet farmers!

They've already begun the harvesting on 'test subjects'. They've been fine-tuning life on earth for ages for palatability with their digestive systems. Soon the great harvest will be upon us. We mistakenly call it 'The Rapture'.


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