What is NASA hiding on these official photos (see caption at top of the pictures)

These and other massive structures have been airbrushed or simply not addressed.

The earth's history may be more fantastic than presumed by evolutionist. There may be 

evidence of advance civilizations existing on earth from it's inception billions of years ago.

What are the scientific and religious implications. Recent findings have shown that the 

earth was covered with water and had tectonic plates much earlier than previously thought.

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What is this cold, hard logic that you have delivered?! Please, doone, you know that you know that there is only room for Gaga, ketchup, and the Lizardpeople in rebuttals!

But seriously, you make the greatest point of all: money. NASA would never deny a discovery which would guarantee them to receive massive amounts of funding.
This may explain why airbrushed photos are in the public domain at all.

Look how many nations are embarking to the moon since the Clementine Mission.
Well, she has been wearing the pants in that family for quite some time now anyway. What I think they were really going for in that image was a gentler, more youthful appearance to help with PR.

That said, a rather large wasp just started drinking my coffee from my mug and... seems to have drowned in the attempt. I suppose that's about as on topic as anything else in this thread.
Wasp? Or an electronic spying device disguised as a wasp?
Mosaic anomalies will undoubtably occur. However enigmatic massive structures still defy this explanation. These would included "The Tower", "The Castle", "The Temple to the Sun" and scores of other structures.
I'd put my money on this being a matter of imaging before any conspiracy theories... If there were tall structures there, then why do they have no shadow?
See my reply to Michel Poisson
This depends on the contour of the terrain. For any sun angle you can postulate a 3D contour that would show shadows from your vantage point and not. The moon has rolling hills valleys and gullies that are frightening by our standards. I would speculate that any semblance of a shadow behind the tower has been airbrushed and this would account for the broaden base. With the sun a high angle the shadow would be relatively close to the tower.

Basing my opinion on the fact that I use these programs as a large part of my job, I have to opine that it doesn't look like this is the case at all. The angles suggest to me that there should be visible shaddowing if there was something there. But's lets assume that they airbrushed them out, or that the shaddows were short... The blur shown does not appear consistant to either claim. If the shaddows were short, then the coloring of the blur is not consistant. If they were simply airbrushed out (which would be easy) then surely they would have just removed the entire area in question.
So what Michael is hearing is that you are part of the conspiracy.
Exactly. We're all in on it. NASA hired us to join this site before Michael even became a member so that when he did become a member we could attempt to lead him away from the truth about the moon structures. Fortunately for Michael, he's too smart to fall for our tricks.
Shhhhh! You idiot! Are you trying to die in an innocent automobile accident on the freeway while returning home from work????
I was hoping for the 'had a heart attack and died peacefully in his sleep at a strangely young age' method myself.


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