What is NASA hiding on these official photos (see caption at top of the pictures)

These and other massive structures have been airbrushed or simply not addressed.

The earth's history may be more fantastic than presumed by evolutionist. There may be 

evidence of advance civilizations existing on earth from it's inception billions of years ago.

What are the scientific and religious implications. Recent findings have shown that the 

earth was covered with water and had tectonic plates much earlier than previously thought.

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It's Noel Fielding!
Well it's obvious that they're hiding aliens from us all. I mean, c'mon, what else could a government agency with shitloads of equipment on the moon POSSIBLY have to hide from us?! REALLY!

Does anyone know how to locate that lat and long using a convention telescope? I'd like to look this up
If you have a programable Cassegrain equatorial telescope your software must locate lunar latitude and longitude relative to the planar centroidal view of the moon. I am sure that there is software out there for setups that are programable from your PC. If you can't google it, email Sky & Telescope magazine. However this is to no avail for structures on the dark side of the moon
...or a cover-up?
The far side or dark side is always out of view.
What an odd age we live in when NASA can put a man on the moon, but can't use Photoshop better than a ten year old. Shameful.
You are underestimating NASA. They knew that if they did as sloppy a job as possible, noone would believe it was them. Crafty fucks.
Very crafty, indeed! Pure genuises, these men of science!
*sigh* What else can we expect from an attempt to debunk real science but with utter nonsense?
There are also some photos that have not been doctored. go to www.earthfiles.com, www.lunomaly.com and the site cited in the picture.

Note the huge rectangular complex in the photo above

Try to use the freedom of information act to get the above pictures un-doctored from the Navy.
and see how far you get. The necessary information is included on the photo. Better yet, write to the Commander and Chief.
Put down the Kool Aid.


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