Why am I looked at as the bad, evil, selfish guy to question the one-sided brain-wash I've been receiving ever since I've been a child?
Believing in an invisible god with all sorts of rules to control our lives and yet not the slightest of proven scientific evidence...How is that the norm? Even if such god were real, theists should know that finding such god is something that a person should do on his own, and take whichever time he needs.
Don't you think that the fact that some (or most) muslims are so intolerant of people joking about their beliefs is because it brings out how ridiculous it is?

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It's similar but on a much much much smaller scale compared to atheists' situation in..let's say most islamic (specifically arab) countries.
I would've called it unfair to minorities in both cases that the majority always dictates what the norm is, but no, there's just no comparison here.

Comparing to muslim countries I believe here it would be socially unacceptable, but in most muslim countries it would actually be illegal. However, I believe it is important to keep in mind, as an atheist, of how little religion actually matters. It's like playing the social games of middle school, no one really likes it, it doesn't matter at all, but you better just keep playing the mindless game.

Polls tell us that as education increases, religiosity decreases.

The distribution of mental ability in the population probably follows the Normal Curve.

Does the distribution of religiosity in the population similarly follow the Normal Curve?


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