I use to be a full on christian(see my blog ect for more background) I just wanted to type down the reasons in my head that made me deconvert and see what made others do it too!?

For me it was not the whole Creation Vs Evolution as I was one of those Christians who believed in evolution ect. 

So what did open my eyes to the truth?

The main thing for me was the logic of god and how its just doesn't stack up. And if there was a god it certainly wasn't one i would want to follow... So my following points are all on the assumption that as the bible says god is all knowing, loving and powerful. so why this all powerful, knowing and loving god:

  1. Create a world full of sickness and disease and pain. my old christian response was because we separated from god BUT god would have known we would reject him thus god knowingly created all that is bad in this world. An all powerful and all loving god would not do this. 
  2. ~It says god created each and everyone of us and has plans for our lives. Now if we reject god we go to hell for eternity. So why would god create you knowing that your going to reject him. He is essentially making you just to go to hell.. would a loving god do this?

Those are just two quick examples out of many more.

Secondly was the bible. Even when i did not take the bible literally e.g adam and eve ect.. there are certain contradictions and points that simply dont work. Remembering that gods word was the same 'then, today and forever more' 

  1. if gods word never changes why is he so different from the Old and new testament it just makes no sense unless god is bi polar or something!?
  2. why does god order murders for working on the sabbath (exodus. 35:2), kill your teenagers if they are disobedient (Deuteronomy21:18-21). Girls who are not virgins when they marry(Deuteronomy 22:12-21) endorse slavery and the beating of them(Exodus 21:20-21) yet in the new testament jesus is the total opposite e.g stopping the stoning of the lady.
  3. Twice in the bible God shows himself. e.g to thomas and peter. why no one since? why should they get the evidence they wanted to save them but god chooses no one else to since then!?
  4. Why are amputees never healed!?

again just a few quick ones from long list! I wish not to bore you! So what made you guys stop believing?

Kind Regards!

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Sourc: Epoch Times

The Origin of Xenoglossy

While some attribute cases of xenoglossy to cryptonesia (as in the case of the young Hindu girl possibility having some forgotten contact with nearby Bengalese culture), there are a number of cases for which such an explanation is inadequate.
One of the most surprising events of these cases took place in 1977. Ohio state penitentiary convict Billy Mulligan was found to have two additional personalities: one identified as Abdul, who spoke perfect Arabic; and the other, called Rugen, who communicated in perfect Serbo-Croatian. According to prison doctors, Mulligan had never left the United States, where he was born and grew up to adulthood.
Likewise, biologist Lyall Watson describes the case of 10-year-old Indio Igarot, a Filipino boy who, when in trance, communicated in the Zulu tongue, which he had never heard.
A more recent case was triggered by a car accident. Prior to an event in 2007, Czech speedway racer Matěj Kus could barely fumble along in broken English. Yet after being knocked unconscious in the accident, paramedics and others at the crash site were amazed that Kus could suddenly speak clear and perfect English with a British accent. However, the ability didn’t last long. Kus retained no memory of his temporary English fluency and is now enduring learning English through conventional study.
Some scientists have proposed that such cases might stem from a genetic legacy, while others have suggested that these individuals could be telepathically connecting to this language through foreign speakers. However, these theories do not benefit from the extensive research, evidence, and study given to Dr. Stevenson’s theory.
In support of this idea, Australian psychologist Peter Ramster, author of “The Search for Lives Past,” found that he could maintain fluid conversations in ancient French with his student Cynthia Henderson, but only when she was under hypnosis. When she was out of the trance state, she possessed only a rudimentary understanding of the language.
In the search for an all-inclusive explanation for xenoglossy, several researchers have come to agree with Dr. Stevenson’s understanding that points toward previous lives. According to this theory, following a trauma, or in a hypnotic state, the personality from a previous incarnation comes through and the person exhibits knowledge that he or she could not possibly have known in this life. Others, like researcher Sarah Thompson, argue that Dr. Stevenson’s evidence is simply too thin to make such a claim.
In the beginning, Dr. Stevenson was also highly skeptical with regard to cases of regressive hypnosis; yet as time passed, he became one of the most prolific authors on the subject. Later, as his work progressed, Dr. Stevenson turned his attention to young children for subjects. He found that they were more easily able to recall information from previous incarnations and did not need hypnotization or a traumatic event to reveal their distant past.
Dr. Stevenson would record the children’s descriptions of their past lives and compare them with records of the deceased individuals they had claimed to be. He would even compare details of the physical abnormalities of the deceased to the child’s description, such as the location of scars and birthmarks. This information, combined with the xenoglossy cases, provided Dr. Stevenson with what he believed to be proof of past lives.
Gods, Demons, and Dead Languages
But even past lives can’t account for all the cases of xenoglossy. In several examples, an individual can speak a language which is attributed by some to be the manipulation of beings from other planes of existence for various purposes. It is akin to what some might call possession or, in the case of a benevolent entity, contact with a higher form of existence.
The result can be even more curious when subjects are found to speak and write the unimaginable—such as the language of Atlantis, or even the Martian language, as in the case recorded by investigator T. Flournoy in 1899, when a subject named “Helen” was said to command, aside from Hindi and French, the language of the red planet.
In addition to cases involving languages from lost continents or nearby planets—which remain difficult to authenticate—xenoglossy also manifests as lost languages, dead languages, or rare dialects.
One such case involves an English child named Rosemary, who, when in a state of trance, became Telika-Ventiu. In 1931, this individual, said to be from A.D.1400, spoke and wrote in an ancient Egyptian dialect that only a few specialists in the world could even recognize or comprehend.
While the xenoglossy phenomenon is intriguing, perhaps even more fascinating is the prospect of imagining where such an ability could originate. If the theories brought by Dr. Stevenson and other researchers brave enough to explore the enigma are correct, then they offer ideas more mysterious than the phenomenon itself.
Could xenoglossy be the result of past lives, or beings from other dimensions? And if so, why? Do these beings have vital information to share with us from the other side, or does the phenomenon merely exist to key us into a greater understanding of our world?

Clearly these are mysteries that defy critical thinking. Critical thinking would deem these events impossible. The problem is that critical thinking is paradigm bound. Critical thinking can not enter a nonobservable hidden reality into the equation because, the metaphysical is out of the paradigm. As logical as the Greek philosophers were, they had no problem entertaining the metaphysical, as such their their philosphy was complete. Nowadays the scientific branch of philosphy will relegate you to the psycho ward and deride you to scorn.

"The most likely explanation for the linguistic performance of both Stevenson's and Grossi's subjects is that they had ideas about what the relevant languages sound like [...] and they exploited whatever knowledge they had in producing the language they believed they had spoken in an earlier lifetime."

I am sure everyone  speaking in new tongues  had some linguistical exposure and suddenly became fluent and everyone is just fooling everyone else and all are in on the public secret. Please think that one again.

This is critical thinking grasping for straws and pure speculation. 

So you are calling the American  that can no longer speak English but now speaks fluent Swedish a fruad?

Based on what evidence, critical thinking one?

Gallup's Mirror wrote:

The aphasia effect is genuine, not limited to language and has a scientific explanation. Xenoglossy also has a scientific explanation: the claimants are frauds.

Even if we did lack scientific explanations, that is God of the gaps fallacy, not evidence of God (or spirits, extra-dimensional beings, aliens, etc.)

You lose again, Michael.

You are presenting a strawman fallacy.
And your logic does not hold up.

The source you cited never studied the case of this American who now can only speak fluent Swedish. Moreover in your typical judge and jury tirade, you have judged someone you have never met nor have you spoken to his doctors. Your are just so pigheated in your agnostic atheism that you're  are just an insufferable "Doubting Thomas".

Rather than  kicking up at everything you hear, humor the notion of unseen  vistas to  your 5 senses. It is already a fact that we can not see over 90% of the universe, this is the only way we are going to breach this paradigm of mystery, not by limiting us to what we can only register with our sense. Our senses do not have a monopoly on reality. If that where true we would be well aware of the hidden over 90%.

Truthfully, you are the loser, if you don't remove your blinders and entertain other vistas, like  the Greek philosophers. Their philosophy was not necessarily right, but at least it was complete. Whereas you are limited to your 5 senses.

When I discovered the size of the universe and learned that there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on our planet, I found that any vague beliefs in a god who was intrinsically interested in our particular grain of sand, were completely eliminated. I have no idea if there is some kind of master plan for the universe but I find that unlikely and not really relevant to my life.

On understanding the complex and driving force for evolution, and the inevitability of organic change during the process, I also found that any belief that humans are the end product of an evolutionary development to be arrogant and riddled with hubris. If indeed there is to be some significance to the existence of carbon based life forms on our planet, a significant furtherance of our development would need to occur.

Humans just don't matter as much as we would like to think we do.

You take dead elements put them in a box add heat and chemical reactions, you still have dead elements in a box. How can a chemical reaction have entity, granted it can be a functional computer.  But how would you imbue life into the computer? and what exactly is life?  Life is that vitality that can not be created nor destroyed but only changes form from one progenity to another and this vitality is eternal. 

Scientist can only make living things from parts of livings things. This law will never be violated since life itself has no beginning and no end. 

..and how could the earth possibly go around the sun..

..the religious droves believe all is known. the possibility of great discovery and understanding is off their charts, out of their scope, beyond their imaginations. It is unfortunate that most of the people breathing air are so "all-knowing". It truly is limiting us to bronze age mentality and barbarianism. Take a look at the 'holy land', RPG's and suicide bombers, praise god.

Never believed, why on earth would I ? The whole bibble drivel thing always struck me as utterly stupid.

If you would like reasons as to why God doesn't exist, look around you. The conditions of the world, the corrupt state of affairs, the fact that the people elected to protect us, i.e doctors, policemen, etcetera, let us down on many accounts and they always get a pass. There isn't a god who's going to come down here and save the day. If there is a change, it must be through by us, thought out by us and done by us.

Wow, that is amazing, in a universe created out of nothing due to a quantum fluctuation, we resided in a goldilocks zone with all the parameters tuned for life. we have billions of neurons in our brain with each one having over 10,000 synapse connections: a computer, not only far above our understanding, but alive also. And all of this due to gamma rays striking lower forms causing mutation and natural selection? I wish gamma rays would strick my computer and cause it to mutate to a first generation  quantum computer, though many theorist speculate that the brain has that covered already.

This is a tongue in cheek rant, of course only living things can mutate. which brings us to the 800 pound gorilla in the room, what on earth is life and where did it come from?


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