I use to be a full on christian(see my blog ect for more background) I just wanted to type down the reasons in my head that made me deconvert and see what made others do it too!?

For me it was not the whole Creation Vs Evolution as I was one of those Christians who believed in evolution ect. 

So what did open my eyes to the truth?

The main thing for me was the logic of god and how its just doesn't stack up. And if there was a god it certainly wasn't one i would want to follow... So my following points are all on the assumption that as the bible says god is all knowing, loving and powerful. so why this all powerful, knowing and loving god:

  1. Create a world full of sickness and disease and pain. my old christian response was because we separated from god BUT god would have known we would reject him thus god knowingly created all that is bad in this world. An all powerful and all loving god would not do this. 
  2. ~It says god created each and everyone of us and has plans for our lives. Now if we reject god we go to hell for eternity. So why would god create you knowing that your going to reject him. He is essentially making you just to go to hell.. would a loving god do this?

Those are just two quick examples out of many more.

Secondly was the bible. Even when i did not take the bible literally e.g adam and eve ect.. there are certain contradictions and points that simply dont work. Remembering that gods word was the same 'then, today and forever more' 

  1. if gods word never changes why is he so different from the Old and new testament it just makes no sense unless god is bi polar or something!?
  2. why does god order murders for working on the sabbath (exodus. 35:2), kill your teenagers if they are disobedient (Deuteronomy21:18-21). Girls who are not virgins when they marry(Deuteronomy 22:12-21) endorse slavery and the beating of them(Exodus 21:20-21) yet in the new testament jesus is the total opposite e.g stopping the stoning of the lady.
  3. Twice in the bible God shows himself. e.g to thomas and peter. why no one since? why should they get the evidence they wanted to save them but god chooses no one else to since then!?
  4. Why are amputees never healed!?

again just a few quick ones from long list! I wish not to bore you! So what made you guys stop believing?

Kind Regards!

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Hi Michael, I thought you had the answer to those questions already and that your God did it. We just don’t believe that.

A puddle of mud theory has long ago been refuted. Nothing can created the DNA molecule without the RNA machinery precursors to do the building. You are stuck with the which came first problem, since one can not exist without the other. 

Moreover, these are just building plans that reside in a cell. but what exactly makes a cell alive and able to avoid obstacles gravitate to nurishment, hunt without a brain or nervous system. 

This  experiment you cited was actually featured on Morgan Freeman's "Through the Wormhole". The trick now is the assemblage into the array of complex RNA molecules necessary to orchestrate the assemblage of a DNA molecule. But there is a catch-22, the subsequent DNA molecule has to be coded to create the complex RNA molecules that made it.

Until science answers the existential question (abiogenesis) the debate rages.

Or homage to the great God gamma rays for designing us far above everything else in its random,  mindless, accidental creation.

Gamma Rays will destroy life, not create it, though ionization. However the idea of a master molecule is more interesting as a god particle.

As you may already know, Dr. Richard Strassman conducted studies and may have identified the God Molecule as it were - DMT. It's a biological explanation for religious experience.




Well apparently something has to be stupid and mindless and accidental to design something as complex as the human brain from lower forms. Because we are to smart to even understand how it works, let alone design one. The mindless universe rocks! .Lucky 7 , O great goldilocks zone!

Evolution is not "accidental".  It is ruthlessly selective.

Indeed natural selections works if the trait is already manifested in the DNA, the problem is depending on gamma rays to cause mutation that is beneficial or progressive. The analogy would be to have computer software written to play checkers and then a bunch of toddlers started banging on the computer randomly changing lines of coding indiscriminately and low and behold you a program to play chess. Moreover the human mind is far more complex then linear programming and, it is alive. Thus the abiogenesis question remains the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Evolution does not require mutation in all cases.  Many evolutionary changes are much less significant--at first.  Speciation occurs as a result of the cumulative effect of these changes, large and small, over vast amounts of time.

I never believed. First time I was exposed to the bibble drivel as a child I was appalled, I could not believe how adults drank this garbage in. By the time school came around religion classes were the one place I was a bad pupil, arguing, questioning and generally being a real pain. I could not just go from a physics class where we were taught to examine, test, review, test again to a class to be told - just believe this childish drivel and we will label you a ''good pupil". By the time I was 13 i was let off all religion classes for good (at that time they were mandated by law, not now).


Judith vd R

Ii stopped believing when someone pointed out that there was no more evidence for or against the existence of "false" gods than there was for my god.  It is just simple intellectual honesty.  Gods are all similar propositions for which no evidence exists.  It is dishonest to believe in one and completely reject the others.


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