I use to be a full on christian(see my blog ect for more background) I just wanted to type down the reasons in my head that made me deconvert and see what made others do it too!?

For me it was not the whole Creation Vs Evolution as I was one of those Christians who believed in evolution ect. 

So what did open my eyes to the truth?

The main thing for me was the logic of god and how its just doesn't stack up. And if there was a god it certainly wasn't one i would want to follow... So my following points are all on the assumption that as the bible says god is all knowing, loving and powerful. so why this all powerful, knowing and loving god:

  1. Create a world full of sickness and disease and pain. my old christian response was because we separated from god BUT god would have known we would reject him thus god knowingly created all that is bad in this world. An all powerful and all loving god would not do this. 
  2. ~It says god created each and everyone of us and has plans for our lives. Now if we reject god we go to hell for eternity. So why would god create you knowing that your going to reject him. He is essentially making you just to go to hell.. would a loving god do this?

Those are just two quick examples out of many more.

Secondly was the bible. Even when i did not take the bible literally e.g adam and eve ect.. there are certain contradictions and points that simply dont work. Remembering that gods word was the same 'then, today and forever more' 

  1. if gods word never changes why is he so different from the Old and new testament it just makes no sense unless god is bi polar or something!?
  2. why does god order murders for working on the sabbath (exodus. 35:2), kill your teenagers if they are disobedient (Deuteronomy21:18-21). Girls who are not virgins when they marry(Deuteronomy 22:12-21) endorse slavery and the beating of them(Exodus 21:20-21) yet in the new testament jesus is the total opposite e.g stopping the stoning of the lady.
  3. Twice in the bible God shows himself. e.g to thomas and peter. why no one since? why should they get the evidence they wanted to save them but god chooses no one else to since then!?
  4. Why are amputees never healed!?

again just a few quick ones from long list! I wish not to bore you! So what made you guys stop believing?

Kind Regards!

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The very first thing that ever caused me to question the Christian religion was when I would hear my mother say negative things about Islam. Nothing hateful, just with the attitude of "why would you convert to Islam". I don't think that's at all an uncommon attitude to exhibit towards Islam, or any religion for that matter, from a Christian standpoint since the fundamental belief is choose Jesus or you're choosing Hell. Then when you understand objectively that any follower of any religion holds their beliefs just a strongly in their hearts as Christians do and the religion you're brought up in relies nearly exclusively upon the culture of the region of the world which you happen to have been born, the thought that we are right and they are going to burn in hell for being born in Iran seemed not only cruel and inhumane, but simply ridiculous. I then thought, well God must only judge people on the merits of their actions and not just on the basis of the religion they happen to accept. This line of thinking almost negates the need of a religion all together. Any ways, over time I came to realize all of the contradictions and really immoral actions both recorded in the bible, and perpetrated by religions in general and the more and more I thought about it and researched, the clearer and clearer things became. I think once you start truly questioning objectively, the snowball effect takes over. It just takes that first little tick to go off in your head, and, for me, that was the cultural separations of the various religions.

The bible stopped making sense to me

I started questioning when I was very young. My family wasn't particularly religious, but identified as Christians, Lutheran in particular.

It's been an often retold story in my family that once I was told Santa Claus wasn't real my immediate response was "Well is god real?" It was laughed off at the time but I remember it well. What else was I lied to about?

As a child I was obsessed with science. Geology, paleontology, astronomy--at certainly young levels. As such, when I attended Sunday school and other religious events I questioned what I was taught. It didn't add up with what I knew to be true and nobody could give me a consistent answer as to why.

It wasn't until my later teens that I truly decided I was an atheist. I was quite comfortable in this view for several years.

In my mid 20's I went through some very troubling personal experiences that really turned my life upside down. Having trouble coping with these things I opened my mind to religion again, for it's comforting benefits--but it couldn't stick. I just didn't believe in it.

There is simply no evidence for the existence of a god, and in my opinion that absence of evidence is positive evidence of absence.

We have been warned. Thank you so much. The ringwraiths ride in force tonight. Security, Security.

"There is simply no evidence for the existence of a god, and in my opinion that absence of evidence is positive evidence of absence."

That is exactly right--and not just in your mind.  There is no evidence, it is an extraordinary proposition, therefore extraordinary evidence would be required to prove it, and the only evidence we have is the mountain of evidence that shows gods are man made.


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