I've noticed that a lot of the members on this site talk about their husbands or wives.

I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and have 2 kids with him (one on the way). We've lived together almost 4 years. I plan on staying with him and raising my children with him as my partner but I just don't think about marrying him. I don't see the point of marriage if you're not religious. I mean isn't the reason people get married basically because of religion? Maybe for legal reasons too but I see it as much more of a religious thing.

So my question is if you're an atheist why did you (or would you) get married?

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Yes, ma'am.
I've always considered myself to be a free thinker. I couldn't care less what people do as regards marriage, living together, abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage and adoption. There are many wonderful humanitarians among us, religious or not. Many people, perhaps through fear of not having a higher power to appeal to in times of dire need, rely upon their faith to function normally throughout life.....having been introduced to religion during early childhood, for many it's impossible to declare god a nonentity. Having said that I'll answer the question....I was married before I became an atheist. Fronting up to a church now, to say vows and pay homage to god wouldn't be an option. I entered enlightenment recently.....admittedly this happened after years of praying to god and never receiving a favourable outcome and being aware of the continuation of the stream of horrors, some natural occurrences, more often than not with dire outcomes, and mans' inhumanity to man. Please let evolution take a giant step forward and take out that piece of us that allows for belief in religion that does so much harm, and our desire to kill our fellow humans and intense greed. Back to marriage....possibly, many people look upon the occasion as a happiness thing, declaration of love, treasured memories and a damn good party. A friend, a marriage celebrant and, as I found out recently...an atheist, always asks couples seeking her services - "Would you like any mention of god"? Many reply "O god no!!!!!! I could go on and on about how I feel about the pope and his foray into stuff that shouldn't concern him, and the fact that he should be answerable for crimes against humanity, catholicism and religious fanatics....please forgive my ramblings....once I start, it's difficult to turn off......
I think a lot of people get married because it is a tradition in many societies-- including ours. I did it for tradition and legal reasons. Many a little girl begins dreaming about Prince Charming and her wedding years before she even hits puberty. I like being married. You like not being married. Each to his own.
My girlfriend and i discussed this she is Catholic and i am Atheist and we see no reason to get married other than health insurance and it involves legal issues and entanglements. We are fiercely in love and loyal so we don't see the logic in a piece of paper saying what we know to be true.
Yeah.. cus mine was going to get deported if we didn't.
Dead fucking seriously.
I honestly believe that I have no moral right to marry my boyfriend if my cousin doesn't have the right to marry his.

But then there were problems with his visa (We'd been together for a few years and traveled the world together. It wasn't until we came to America that it became an issue.)
So our choice was to either leave the U.S, or to get married.

I refused to even go to the courthouse and have a JoP do it, because I felt it was pretty overtly robbery. Seriously. They charged $60 to marry us, after being the government body that forced us to get married in the first place?!
Right. So we had chicken wings at a tiki hut and had my boss (A Wiccan priestess for the U.U. ) sign the paperwork. Still had to pay a filing fee for the license to wed, though. Meh.
If I would have been able to find an FSM, Dude-ism or other ordained entity that could have done it, I would have much rather gone about it that way, but we couldn't within our time frame.

You know.. typing this all out makes me sort of bitter again...
And I'm thinking about registering as an atheist (um.. what would we call ourselves?) that can wed other atheists.

Again, it all comes down to forming my own cult or commune, huh?
You think I could get away with that for ONE discussion, but no.....
marriage is not for me! I did it, it wasn't fun, no need for me to put my other eye out with the same stick! If the fire burned your hand the first time you dont stick your hand in again just to be sure! Lol, my ex did. she just got out of her third marriage. Though my case is stranger than fiction really. Three daughters, all have different moms. I asked the first woman to marry me and she said no, "I'm to young to be married" she said. WOW, I was stunned. The middle I didnt even know about til she was 7yrs old. The babies mother and I married and divorced in three yrs. I raised my baby girl alone from 1yr old to 12yrs old. She is 15 now and living with mother. Through all of this I learned a few things. Your kids love you no matter what, your ex's hate you no matter what, and marry only once in your life, after that you know what it is to be married. If I find the love of my life, she can move in and we will grow old together but if she turns out to be sideshow bob, well.... leaving is easier when you dont have a court date.

Well, because I don't live where you live. In my country, the police actually go around raiding hotels at night and if they find a man and a woman who are not married, they are taken to jail. No, there's no law against it, but the police take it upon themselves to do moral policing. They do it by framing the woman for prostitution. It is a "lesson" for unmarried people not to have sex.


No one will rent out a house to you if you are an unmarried couple. If they do, the neighbors will bash up the house owner, so they better not.


Yes, this place sucks. Here, the only way you can get someone to be with you and share your love, life and kids - is marriage. And I dont have the money to get out of this place.


Oh, and none of these rules apply if you are super-rich or a celebrity or a politician. Unfortunately I am not any of those.


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