So, I work at a bookstore, and the other day I had a customer looking for the book, "Why Evolution is True." As I brought him to the section, I was saying, "It's really sad that there even has to be a book like this-- it's like writing a book, 'Why the Earth is Not Flat."'

He had to stop and think for a minute-- when I say "it's sad" that that book exists, it can come off at first as sounding like I am someone who denies evolution.. Anyways, he got my meaning.. and I don't remember the details of our conversation... he started to get into it more, and I said, "that's all I'm gonna say about, I technically need to keep my political views out of this" (employees are, understandably, not supposed to discuss politics out on the floor-- although in the break room we go at each other all the time but that's a different story!)

He pointed across the street at the church, and said, "I don't know what's going on, but week after week there are more and more people going there." He said he used to believe in all that stuff, until he started reading more "books like this." I said, "It's nice, isn't it... to become aware of the truth?" He began to agree.. but then I said, again, "Okay, well, I shouldn't really say any more, so I'm going to leave it at that" in a sort of "I know you catch my drift" sort of way.

Later that day I helped another man pick out a Bible-- he needed a Catholic version, as he hadn't realized not all Bibles have all the books that the Catholic ones do (wherein I dove, enthusiastically, into a mini-lecture on the Protestant Reformation). I find it strangely enjoyable to help people looking for Christian books, because I generally know more about them than the customers do.. and I muse to myself, "and they have no idea that I think this is all a bunch of crap."

Anyways... just felt like sharing.. speaking of the book itself though, has anyone read it?

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I've read it. Most of it was familiar to me, but his section on how the nature of island dwelling animals only makes sense in the light of evolution was very interesting. The creator story simply makes no sense with all we've found out in that department.
That is an interesting subject, all right. Dawkins goes into it slightly in The Ancestors' Tale, but I'd like to read more about it.
It is now one of my favorite and most-recommended books. It directly addresses a lot of creationist nonsense arguments and is very accessible for the layman. I love it. But I agree that the necessity of it in this day and age is ludicrous.
Perhaps you should tell them some of the awful truths and mix ups etc. That might spice things up.
Thanks for sharing, I know it is really hard not to say more in that situation. The flat earth comment was great. I just ordered the book a few days ago, but I've read some great reviews from people I respect, so I'm looking forward to it.
Isn't it unfortunate that while we're at work, where many of us spend the majority of our waking lives, we're not supposed to share our views except when we're on a break?
Starting WEIT this evening, will put up a book review for it in the Read Atheist group once I'm done (will be out of town over the weekend, so may be a few days). I love that Coyne starts off with the Dover trial.
I'm currently reading the Blind Watchmaker, but Coyne's WEIT is in my stack of books to read. I guess I should read that next!
Blind Watchmaker is excellent, I enjoyed it a lot. WEIT is on the to-read list, but so are so many other books...
Nice blog! I totally agree! It IS sad that people have to buy books like that. Evolution is the foundation for all of modern biology, yet, it's rediculous that most Americans don't believe in Evolution! Second... I find it amusing and annoying [I have the same "talent" at knowing more about Christianity than actual Christians.] that when I bring up a topic of the Bible or Church history, or Christian myths and legends, and no one knows what I'm talking about! I just keep thinking: "Christians!!! Good Grief!!! If you're going to be a pious believer in a religion AT LEAST KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BELIEVING IN!!!" But... yeah...
For example... how many "Christians" actually read the WHOLE Bible? [I've been told it would take 2 years to do this.]
Most Americans have no understanding of evolution. I think if they did, many more would accept it.
The difference between evolution and the bible (JKV) is evolution is based upon a theory, like a fairytale story and the bible is history and much more. unfortunately, people seem to be forgetting the world can't create itself, but there are plenty of gullible people to be fooled. Many people will find any excuse not to believe in the one true god, they'd rather form a one world government and implant a chip in their hands and their foreheads.


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