This is a question I haven't heard asked by atheists or addressed by Christians before.

If you (as a Christian) REALLY believe you get to go to heaven when you die, why aren't you always hoping to die?

Why would you ever want life saving medical treatment (other than pain management)?

Why would you ever want to save or be saved from dying?

If it weren't a sin, wouldn't every Christian immediately commit suicide?

Why are you upset when someone is murdered or dies young?

Wouldn't the greatest Christian martyr be someone who murders whole churches at a time so they can all go to heaven early, even though the sin condemns him to hell?

Isn't it actually great news--the best possible news--when a Christian dies?

Think of it like your girlfriend being promoted to a big new job in Hawaii (or whatever you think would be a great place to live & work). Sure, you're a little sad because you won't see her for a while. BUT you know that you are also about to land a really great job in Hawaii and she's there waiting for you. So mostly you are really happy for her and you are really excited to get there yourself.

How come none of this actually describes how anybody thinks about death?

For me it's because I don't believe there is a heaven and this life is the best and only one we get.

But shouldn't Christians think about it this way? Why don't they?

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Actually people have come back from the other side. Just search it up. There are many who died and returned with the mission to tell others what it's like. They came back with the mission of sharing their experiences in order to strenghten people's faith that there really is an eternal afterlife. Even if you're skeptical, if you examine some of those experiences you'll see that they're alike.

They're all alike, not because they all actually came back from the 'other side' but because their brains interpreted last minute chemical reactions as some sort of 'other-worldly' experience. Nothing more. It's no different then when people get convinced they were abducted and anally probed by UFOs. Did it happen? No. Just some long forgotten memory of having their temperature taken when they were a child coming to the surface and being reinterpreted.. 

Another good data point is that all of these people who see things during a near death experience always see things that relate to their own religion. You never hear about a Christian meeting Mohammad or a Muslim talking to Krishna. 

Honey, there's plenty of purpose to my life. Don't you doubt it.

The purpose in life would be to enjoy it while you can. Make the most of it while you can, because you won't get a second chance. 

I am a christian myself and I do want to die. I want to die so bad, I just wish I'd get sick and die faster so I can go to that awesome place called Heaven.But then, I can't help but value my life because it's a gift from God. I googled this because I was curious if any other christian wants to die and I found your question.

Honestly, all of you atheists are going to be VERY sorry for being so hateful to the God who gave you the life you have. And you spend it doing what? Beating your chest saying "I don't believe any of that fairytale crap! I don't need God!". Take it as you wish, offend me, we'll see who goes where after death. 

I understand where your lack of belief comes from. In a world where the few powerful people are Satan's puppets, everything goes their way. This is their ultimate goal, to destroy any trace of christianity and morality. You're just falling for their bait. Doesn't it feel good to be a selfish,self-gratifying person? To feel like you can do everything you want without atonement? Sure, everything looks very shiny that way. But that's just wishful thinking. You rebellion comes from the wish that is hidden deep inside you that there is no God, no payment for sins. The idea that a God exists scares you to death, doesn't it? So you just play a game in which you pretend God isn't there. But He is. Hiding from the truth won't get you anywhere. Your destination is still Hell. If you get offended by this, I'll know I've hit a deep part of your belief system.

But the good new is this: You can still choose between good and evil. That is until you die. So don't wait until the day you die to think about life, to examine your own behavior, society, and the world behind the curtain. You'll never know what's there unless you look. If you look for the truth the pieces will come together. Don't leave it until the day you die to figure out that it's as simple as it's always been. God has always been there. You have to realize that no one is trying to force you to believe. It's your choice. Stop looking for reasons why God doesn't exist. It's all futile. You're doing it all because of your deep fear that God may exist and he's going to punish you..

I've been noticing a tendency in people to turn a blind eye to reality, and not only regarding the existence of God. Fearful people just don't want to see the unconvenient side of reality so they look for the easy way out. It's always been like this.

I'm not looking to offend anyone. A wise person would be open to others' points of view. Only fools are proud. 

Geez, I really do wish xians would stop saying, "We are all sinners" - I'm not a sinner, nowhere near it.  Atheists do not have a fear of god - and have absolutely no fear of death - just don't want it to be a dragged out affair.

Your god is an incompetent buffoon - isn't he supposed to be omnipotent. Isn't he supposed to know the future - so why didn't he know the Garden of Eden was going to be a total disaster - complete with talking snake? Why keep producing people that he is going to kill.

The only thing a xian can do is threaten - All Atheists are going to be VERY sorry etc. etc. You have no idea where my lack of belief comes from - it is from reading YOUR bible. Your god is a mass murder - read your bible - Noahs Ark - this is just one instance - saved eight people out of millions - what happened to all the men, women and children, dead as mackerels, how many do you estimate supposedly died, then what happened to all the animals - all dead - all for eight people?????

Then Noah gets drunk as a skunk - something I have never done - then a whole lot of palava with his son covering him up. Jews have two versions of this - one where Ham sodomized his father, another opinion is Ham had sex with Noahs wife - just lovely. Your god can't even choose good people in the end, after murdering, how many people would you say. Good old bible. Then go onto The Tower of Babel - people want to reach heaven, the same as you do - so in their uneducated ignorance of superstitious primitivism, they have a go at building a tower. But your god says what the????can't have that, people actually co-operating, got to put a stop to this - nobody will understand each other anymore. Loving god.

Read your bible - hateful, violent, lots of wars, lots of kinky sex, concubines, slavery, misogyny, torture, rape, the selling off of wives and daughters.

I personally couldn't care less what you believe or not believe, it is just that your god is totally evil - and just not good enough for me.

Let's me be clear on something.. There being no God doesn't scare me at all. In fact, it's far less of a burden to know there is nothing more to come and that I don't have to be concerned every  moment of my life whether or not my actions or lack of action will send me to hell. That being said, assume for instance there is a God, an all knowing all powerful God. Ok, well, then they already know that regardless of whether I believe in them or not I have lived my life to the best of my ability and they know I did good regardless of my belief or disbelief. They also will know that disbelief doesn't amount to hate. I don't hate what I don't believe in. I don't hate unicorns because I don't believe in them. I just don't believe in them. It's that simple. 

"Fearful people just don't want to see the unconvenient side of reality so they look for the easy way out. It's always been like this."

That is correct, which is why they turn to religion. They can't face there isn't something beyond now. Their mind shuts down at the very thought. It gets closed off. 

 "God has always been there. You have to realize that no one is trying to force you to believe. It's your choice. Stop looking for reasons why God doesn't exist. It's all futile."

You say no one is forcing us to believe, then then follow it up by saying that looking for reasons for the non-existence of God is futile. Do you not see the irony of that? 

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite quotes..

"For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
Carl Sagan 

"No amount of belief makes something a fact" - James Randi

"A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death."
-Albert Einstein

"Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear." ~ Thomas Jefferson.

    I would like to apologize up front for any words spelled inappropriatly(like that one) and the use of - at the wrong time. I slept through WAY to many Grammer classes.


      I am a Christian. Like all Christians I think about death now and again. Would I be sad if I died in my sleep tonight and went to join my heavenly father? Not one bit, and neither would any true beleiver. Do I WANT to die tonight in my sleep tonight so i can be in heaven, sure. Sometimes, when the world is putting a ton of pressure on me and i can't keep my head above water i think "God, just take me now. Let me be with you and escape this suffering." But he doesn't and there is a reason for that. You will probably say, "it's because he does't exsist, he is just a false hope. Something you beleive in because you can't except that life is short...", or something to that effect.... but that's not why. The reason we don't go around killing each other so we can escape to heaven is because we have a purpose. We are here for a reason. Again, you would probably say something like, "You silly willy! There is no REASON for life. We're here and that's all there is to it..", or something. For Christians that is not true, we do have a reason, a purpose. A so called "destiny". Truth be told, everyone in the world has a purpose. Now you may choose to not beleive you are anything more than a life form on a planet in the middle of a huge galaxy that has the ability to think....... and that's fine.

     For us Christians it is this purpose that keeps us (most of us) from doing crazy things like mass murder of each other. But what is this purpose?  The standard is what is known as "The Great Comission", our task to spread God's glory to the people of the world so that others may come to know him. I of course agree that this is a purpose I am here to fulfill but i do NOT beleive that is to be interpreted as "Go out into the world and make people beleive in God" I cannot make anyone beleive anything. POINT BLANK.

     Anyways, getting back on topic, DEATH. The other question posed is why we get upset when someone, in particular fellow Christians, die. We're human.................sorrow is a human feeling, it's part of who we are and one of God's gifts to man. At the same time, when a fellow believer dies we ARE filled with joy because we know that if they truly accepted Jesus into their hearts then they are in heaven, basking in the beauty of our heavenly father. For most members of this site, what you've just read probably made you roll your eyes a few times. I understand. You have probably read a hundered or more of the exact same thing from other Christians. I'll probably get a few replys stating that i'm an idiot for believing in something that makes no sense. I accept it, and bear no one here ill favor. All i request is that you don't assume that all Christians are the same. That we all hate homosexuals( I don't), that we all believe killing someone is a direct ticket to hell(I don't), or that we feel that we are perfect (NONE of us are). Maybe you'll never believe in God...............maybe that's part of your purpose


I once knew a really good bloke who happened to be a Seventh Day Adventist. We used to 'talk' about the bible, and it was very civilized. I had respect for him, not because he was a xian, but he was a good human being. He had three daughters, and one got very sick. He was beside himself, which I really didn't understand - wasn't she going to go to heaven, a beautiful place etc. Isn't that enough not to go into a hole over somebody's death? I never understood that. If you really believe that someone is going to go to heaven, why grieve. I think it is because He could not have really 'Believed" it.

I feel, the purpose of my life was to have my three children. I had such fun, and I could not imagine me missing out on that - but that is the purpose of life, to breed, that's not to get too esoteric about it.  So, I have served my purpose, so give me a month to tidy everything up, see my kids for the last time - and I am happy. Absolutely no fear of dying.

Sorrow is a human feeling, it's part of who we are - absolutely, I just get sad and distraught about what xians actually do. I have no doubt you are one of the 'good' xians, there just aren't enough of you.

The majority of xians do hate gays, to the point when a beautiful boy will commit suicide at age fourteen. Xians would prefer to vote for anybody, a fascist, rather than an Atheist. We are the worst of the worst.

I would trust an Atheist before I would trust a xian, that is how much I fear xians. The thing I hate most about xians is the hypocrisy - say one thing and do another. Of course, there are good xians who do good works, but the majority, I just can't believe THEY really believe what they are sprouting, with the way they treat their fellow human beings. Kick their child out of home, if they profess to being an Atheist? It is all so loving????

Atheists don't have anything to hide behind. I do not believe there is a god, that simple. I find your bible an absolute atrocity, the way it sees women - obscene, the violence, the hatred, the need for territory, the jealousy. One of the reasons I became an Atheist was BECAUSE of the bible. Choof around the TA site, and you will also see the atrocities that xians perpetrate - in the name of Jesus.

If xianity provides you with solace and comfort, and there is more to life than this - good for you - I just don't, I just can't follow a book that is so full of hatred, and breeds hateful people.

Seems you are one of the only true Christians then, since you don't hate people just because they are different. I don't mind people like that, I have a problem with the crazy fundamentalists that think they are always in the right and constantly try to force their opinion on others. And I know there are some Christians out there that do a lot of good work, helping out in charity projects and what not. I mean, you don't have to be religious to be a good person, but at least they live up to what their religion is expecting them to do. 

This kind of makes me wonder about suicide bombers, they at least are prepared to give their own life for their cause and believe they'll go to heaven. Why is it that they think like this, yet Christians don't seem to? Are Muslims more sure that their religion is the right one? I wonder ...


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