Why doesn't this recipe always work?

1. Take one Believer, and place him in isolated idea mixing bowl.
2. Sift in all the contradictions in their holy Texts.
3. Pour in the history of their religion, showing its origin, plagiarisms and evil deeds.
4. Add a sprinkling of logic and metaphysical analysis from the cookie jar of fundamental logical contradictions.
5. Fold in a dose of humanism and relevance of religion now and for the future of mankind.

Leave to rise for a couple of days; occasionally stirring in how immoral the tenets of their belief are if taken literally.

Bake for several days in a very hot discussion forum, turning occasionally to ensure all parts of their doughy ignorance is well cooked. (Note don’t over cook otherwise you might overdo it and create a burnt out old atheist).

Turn out onto the rack of contemplation to allow them to cool down.

Serve your newly created Agnostic to the world.

Unfortunately this only works some of the time, for no discernable reason sometimes the dough sinks to be a really heavy flat and horrible tasting fundamentalist.

Anyone got any tips or ingredients I am missing?

I was thinking perhaps adding a dose of love somewhere, but how much and what brand?

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It appears quite simple to me - it depends on the emotional saturation of the theist used. Too much emotion causes the theist to become thick and rubbery, which renders it unable to react with the other ingredients.
Unfortunately, you can only convince OPEN MINDED theists! Most theists don't want to hear it b/c they would rather stick with their delusions than suffer the discomfort of having to think. lol


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