This has been bugging me for a long time now. I get it that most people believe that being gay or homosexual is an abomination, but they should be able to marry whoever they want to. Right? I don't know if it's just me who feels this way, but please share your opinion.

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I think the proposal was that, in the eyes of the law, all people would have civil unions, including heterosexual couples. This would be an effort to separate out the legal aspects of the union from the cultural aspects. The term 'marriage' would then be free for anyone to use as they pleased in the manner they pleased.

That's a perfect in-a-nutshell of what I also understood it to be.  It sounds absolutely 'check-mate' perfect to me.

YES. THIS. This is what I've been saying for years. 

It's why I made this:

and then this:

Feel free to pass these images along to anyone you wish, if you think it'll help convince them.

Here in Maryland, we just voted to legalize same-sex marriages. The most recent poll found that over 50% of Americans are now in favor, and that 73% of those aged 19 to 29 support marriage equality.

Umm... Because they're Christian. Fundamentalists and Catholics in particular. 

Is this news to you?

Choosing who you love and want to spend your life with is no-one else's business except your own, and theirs. Any Govt trying to deprive you of that deserves, excuse the informal nature of my response, is tyrannical and deserves a coup, revolution, overthrow or outright extermination.

To put it in simple terms, the govt is NOT there to say what you can and can't do. It should be there to protect your rights. Any restriction on those rights isn't Govt, it's tyrany. For example (forgive me but I still feel it's true) like Hilter/Nazi's/America.
Yes, I wasn't joking.

There are Bible passages which appear to condemn homosexuals and treat it as a capital crime. Of course, we all read The Bible in translation. Beyond that, as Wittgenstein has said, "To know a language is to know a way of life," so can we really trust ANY translation?

Good point.  Not to mention, technical translation errors.  For how many centuries did Christians believe Jews secretly had horns, due to a one-word mistranslation? 

"I get it that most people believe that being gay or homosexual is an abomination..."  Er, I think that using the word "most" here is a BIIIIG stretch...


But yes, I would agree with your main point.  What right has society to interfere with the private lives of any consenting pair of adults?

One word- religion

Anyone who wants to interpret The Bible so as to explain away the anti-gay passages (there are 6 or 8 of them) is just engaging in magical thinking. They are there, and while some may be subject to interpretation, some certainly are clear enough. Assuming the translations are good, of course.

Actually, Unseen, I think that is untrue.  Please watch the youtube here

I think this young man explains them very eloquently.  Of course, you may feel you do not have the time to spend watching his dissertation.  Should that be the case, then please accept that the anti-gay passages in both the Old and New Testaments can be "explained away" and rather effectively.


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