This has been bugging me for a long time now. I get it that most people believe that being gay or homosexual is an abomination, but they should be able to marry whoever they want to. Right? I don't know if it's just me who feels this way, but please share your opinion.

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I hear it from time to time when art is discussed. Usually said by the folks targeted by the art.

If you love somebody you should be able to marry that person.  If the both of you love somebody you should be able to marry that person.  If the 3 of you love somebody, you 3 should be able to marry that person.  Gender and headcount don't matter to me, if it doesn't matter to you.  Plus, imagine how great a family with 2 breadwinners, one homemaker, and one child-raiser could be.  By the way, I'm not religiously in favor of gay or plural marriage, I just think it's not any of my business - until my government or the religious in our country decide to push the point.

Don't forget, 'modern' marriage (as opposed to wife-chattel ownership you find in the Old Testament) was first,and has always been, a civil arrangement,  You can get married without a church in the US, but not without the government.being involved.  I've officiated at 2 marriages, and they only count because the state paperwork was sent in.  (In Kansas, you can just say publicly "We're married", and that suffices, with the state paperwork, of course.)


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