Why does sprinkling a little religious fairy dust on a set of political beliefs mean they should now be given more respect, or even more weight, than other people’s political beliefs?

Answers anyone?

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It shouldn't but it tallies more votes with the religious community.
Unfortunately :(
It shouldn't In fact, I would argue that attempting to link a religious belief to a political statement should engender suspicion, as it is likely that the politician is trying to conceal a flawed position behind a veneer of religious piety.

Unfortunately, it tends to work in the opposite direction, as those who are religious tend to be willing to overlook any flaw, just so long as the mark of their faith is firmly stamped upon the flawed object.
let me start by saying that any thing with any sort of religious fairy dust on it shold be given no respect, it just happens to be a sad fact that the brainwashing occurs at an early ae and as we know can take time to come out of. Unfourtuantly there still remains billions of these brainwashed fcks that will never ever come ot of their coma. We are the lucky ones and its up to us to start making a difference. that started in my case with my kids.

sorry about the rant there sophie, did i mention that yo look fantastic. a right wee bonnie lassie.
Such as the institutionalized discrimination against gays; bigotry in which religion is used as justification? It's code word for "it's okay to be an asshole, we're going to throw a bible at anyone who challenges us."


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