What have you heard from religious people if you present this question. I have heard the whole so many different stories...

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You are full of shit!
and obviously a troll. Is this a troll fest?

nothing you have said is even close to evidence. It is simply a method used to confuse the weak minded. It is aimed at mind control. you are sick!

Here is my stance.
stop rambling, provide hard evidence or fuck off!
""There is no 'historical Jesus'." Always a fascinating argument. Yes, yes, yes, you consider Josephus and other contemporaries, Biblical accounts, jewish records, etc., as being inadmissible as evidence. That is shocking to no one. But I've yet to hear a more rational explanation of the influence of Christ and his disciples that ballooned in 1st century Judea, and spread rapidly beyond."

Ever hear of the Emperor Constantine who used as a control tool it to unite the roman empire?

how much cash do you make from peddling this bullshit?
Quoting Nelson:
"besides, surely if their god is omniscient and omnipotent like they claim, in having foreknowledge that hurricane katrina would cause the immeasurable death, destruction, and misery it did, he would have acted to prevent it from happening. after all, it was the result of nature and so can't be said to the result of our free will choices."

Fred Phelps would disagree with you. They even have an out for that - all the horrible things that humans do has brought God's wrath upon them in the form of natural disasters. That still leaves that whole "why are humans allowed to do evil things?" question open, but it covers natural disasters!
I've asked this question many times before. All I've heard in response is silence...
lol. Reminds me of a question I often ask. If god really did exist and were omnipotent, could god will himself into nonexistence?
It was god's mistake....wait, er, uhm, to test us, duh! Just like fossils.
Ah! A new name to add to the multicharacters that have all become known under the single entity of The Deeeebil (without proof, of course) Lucifer. Satan. Beezlebub. Morning Star. Evening Star. Lightbringer. Panish-looking-guy-with-horns-and-a-tale. The Big Fake Archeologist.

Damn. Monotheism is getting crowded.
I think your question is grouping Gods battle as only being Satan, leaving out the WORLD and the FLESH. Gods battle isnt only against Satan. You do the math on the other two if God siezed allowing them to exist. This will happen!

Your question is of no relevence, your question is on something that should mean nothing, there is a battle going on you, me, and God vs. Satan. The battle has already been won. Jesus Christ died so that we may be saved. Having faith in Jesus Christ Makes you a child of God. Hardening your heart against the truth and claiming no religion, only makes you a child of Satan, blinded by the deciever.
You're already being inconsistent, Benjamin. First you say that God's battle is not only against Satan, then you say that it is you, me and God versus Satan. That's all very well, but whom else is God (and presumably us?) supposed to be fighting?

Claims without evidence are empty. If all you have to back up your statements is faith, then there is no reason for someone who does not already believe to accept them.
the battle is against the world and the flesh also. take a look around, its everywhere. Faith is gone. People place thier faith in things of this world, the government, the television, thier job, ect. He is coming back!!!!!!!!!! Every knee will bow. Every soul on this planet will no longer need to have faith. He will be know. Why is it that you refuse to have faith?
Hey MamboCat. You know, there were a lot of things about religion that didn't make sense to me while I was in it too. But I have to admit that I never really thought this particular problem through. If god makes the rules and he wanted to forgive us, why did he choose to go the route of human sacrifice to do it? Why not just appear before everyone and say, "Hey everybody. God here. I forgive you! All right! Now let's party!" I think the first time I really thought about this was when I read The God Delusion or God Is Not Great or one of those. And I felt really silly for not thinking that one through before. So, anywho, good job. :)
Why is there a battle going on if it has already been won? Seems sorta like a lot of unnecessary suffering.
So let me get this straight. God creates the Satan character (see my post above about the confusion of names, please) and allows him to cause pain as a way for humans to be tested. But god is already in our heads and hearts and knows our entire mind, so there is no reason for this, because god is omnipotent and already knows if we have faith or not, if we will/did pass this test, so that makes our suffering and Satan's existence unnecessary.. which mean that god is a sadist.
Huh. Suddenly things make perfect sense.
And for the record, saying that I don't believe in god makes me a child of Satan is like saying that because I don't root for the Yankees, I must be a Giants fan!
Great logic there!


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