One of my favorite people of all time is Cornel West. Two of his most well known books are Race Matters and Democracy Matters where his views on society are for the most part, incredibly on the mark. I've heard him live a couple of times and he is wonderful to listen to.  He is also a frequent quest on Real Time with Bill Maher where he rails against the right yet at the same time has been known to call out Obama. Anyway as I was listening to him the other day, I started to think, how could a man of such intelligence, hold onto something as unintelligent as religion? He is a man of deep faith. Expanding on this idea, why is it that many people of incredible intelligence are people of religion? What is it about what they get from religion that allows them all to suspend reason on one day a week and give themselves to the land of the make-believe? One of the main doctors who is treating Hitchens is a man of faith. This is a guy who has studied science in depth and has seen cells divide. He knows there is no scientific basis for his beliefs. Yet he believes. Is it because all these people need to religion to deal with death? Is because it is what is expected in our society and to be otherwise is too difficult? I just don't understand. 

What are your thoughts with this? Why does intelligence, reason, intelligent thoughts more often than not, lost out to religion? I would love to hear from of our friends of faith on here as well.

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That is not regulated by the Geneva convention unless it's against enemy soldiers of a regular army. It does not apply to soldiers of irregular armies, terrorists, spies, or civilians, nor does it immediately protect officers. Lastly, I do not recall Al-Qaeda or the Taliban to have signed and ratified the convention, and the US is thus not bound by it unless you assume that these organizations are legitimate de juro and de facto governments.


Hi Arcus, Your statement in reference to the Iraq war saying :" it wasn't particularly well done "   should go down in history as the understatement of the century. Bush blundered into Iraq with an army of less than 200,00 men.   We went into WW 2 with over 10 million.  I was one of them.  Bush 2 was / is as much a sociopath as was Saddam Hussein.  Bush just wanted to be 'a wartime president'  We have all seen where that blunder put America.  America cannot afford any more presidents who gets his instructions from god.

It was better planned and executed than the Omaha Beach landing, and the Iraq military was "a bit" less of a threat than the Wehrmacht. However, 200k men was clearly insufficient to deal with the massive irregular warfare and especially the civil war which ensued.

As for comparing Bush with Saddam, it falls on it's own unreasonableness, though I agree with God being kept far away from politics.

First, because it is comfortable. Second, because they have been trained to think in a specific way and cannot truly envision a world without a deity. They partition their minds in such a way that allows them to be intellectually active in certain areas while still believing in the ridiculous stories they were raised with. It's the idea of NOMA, which is of course flawed, but it gives people sufficient reason to remain blind to reason in some areas of their life.

First, [***edited by moderator***] NOTHING I said was "Racist" [***edited by moderator***]

Next, [***edited by moderator***] have you put your physical well being as well as your life on the line FOR Black Civil rights as I have?

Do you have a MANY year record of supporting Black Civil rights as I have? (Which a former 6' 7' black apt mate in Manhattan Beach, Ca. & a former Black girl friend as well as hundreds of others will attest to.)

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Oh someone used the rascim card. That is like using the faith card. And they all sit nicely under "politcal" correctness. With the word political (meaning liar) being the one to note.

I'm amused by cantankerous seniors.

Uhm? Police report over a "threat" of having a cactus shoved up your ass? That's a bit overly sensitive imho..



Well UsuallyScarlett and obviously irrational

[***edited by moderator. -Nelson***] you can not logically or rationally or factually prove I a racist or I am wrong [***edited by moderator. -Nelson***].

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And Child, this MoJoey idiot, who is much larger than I as well as being around 35 or more years younger than I, is who threatened to come kick my ass. So it is I who should have filled a Police Report.

Next, [***edited by moderator. -Nelson***], I did NOT tell him I would shove a cactus up his ass, I said the same thing to him I said to you, [***edited by moderator. -Nelson***]

Last Child, you really should find some thing else than do than posting [***edited by moderator. -Nelson***]


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It goes to show, it doesn't take religion to become emotionally challenged in an argument.


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