I am new to this website, but I want to know other peoples opinions as to why you think people need religion or practice their faith. I have my own ideas, but would be interested in hearing yours.

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Communality; a recurring sense of being in a tribe that shares a common fate, is made of the same stuff and with one true shared faith. And a list of teenagers that don't smoke weed all the time to babysit the kids.
This is the one I would've mentioned as well. There are other reasons too, but this one is a more popular one amongst religious people. You often hear about people that one day stop believing in a particular god but keep appearances because they don't want to be shunned and don't want to lose everyone they know and probably like.
Do you think there is safety in numbers?
There are many reasons and some hold more than one I'm sure. Fear of death, the need to belong, weak minds (my personal favorite), etc.

I think religions came about because it filled a psychological and explanatory gap in peoples lives. Human beings have a need to feel they belong, that they are special and to tell them how the world and you cant get better than a bearded superbeing to provide that. He loves you, "you" is a group of like minded people and questions like "How does the sun work?" can be answered with "Magic/god does it".


I think that religion continues because children are indoctrinated into it and so never have to move beyond those things. Similar to racism which we know is often prevalent in families because children who learn things very young do so before they have the mental capacity to really consider these ideas.


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