I'm fourteen and an athiest. This year my entire world studies class has been based off religion. The more we learn, the more and more disbelieving I get. Please don't lecture about how I'm too young too make decisions on religion or anything, please just answer the question and give me reasons I would understand.

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The simplest way I can put it is that I see no evidence for there being a deity. I'm also a pretty scientifically/logically minded person, so my knowledge in those areas was a big help as well.


As for being too young... Not at all! I think it's great that you're thinking freely at such an age, and wish I would have discarded the cloak of religious delusion sooner than I did.



It can be summed up quite easily.


I do not believe in any god or gods due to the overwhelming lack of evidence supporting the claim of there even being a god. There is however substantial evidence that runs counter to the claims laid out by many religions such as creation vs evolution. If one is to be logical one must follow that which has the evidence and dismiss that which is supposition.


That's just me for example others may be different.

1). I know the religious root of the Christian "God" is actually Sumerian. And actually until Abraham's big "publicity stunt" (aka:beginning the writing of the Old Testament, for which Moses is falsely credited when in fact there were several authors) the MINOR Deity known originally as Jaweh (Later to become Jahovah, and eventually simply God) was in fact one of a huge pantheon of ancient Sumerian Gods and Goddesses, and in fact has a mother and father among the 4 PRIME Deities of that religion. So Lindsey logically (ignoring how stupid, ridiculous, and utterly without a shred of evidence to support his existence other than ancient literature that was hand selected by Constantine and his council that God is) it follows that if the "all mighty creator of all things and the universe" was in fact created by other Gods and Goddesses and written into a position of importance to please Abraham when the people in his home city of Ur would not respect his desire to have a grand temple built to his favorite Deity, who is the offspring of greater ancient forces, then the whole "Only 1 God" & "The ALL powerful Creator of all things" & (Insert any of the rest of Christian doctrine that is based on their God being unique, the first and only such being, etc) is all a bunch of crap.


2). Logic/Common sense. Throughout history of humans, primitive man has sought to understand the nature of the world around them. They created stories and religions to fit the missing blank spaces in their knowledge. Typically as science and understanding increase, religions and other superstitions decrease. Even today the religions of the world are dying out. Most are trying to evolve and cloak themselves in a sort of pseudo-science in which science and God goes hand in hand. It is a last ditch effort to hide the obvious. Religions do not work in the mind of a thinker who is informed and understands the world. The greater a persons perception of science and logic, the more utterly nonsensical religion appears on close inspection.


3). If you bury the need for blind faith (Faith without any sort of supporting proof) and you loose the Holy books teaching the doctrine of a given religion (regardless of if it is the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Cabala, etc) you will find that there is no physical, and no other evidence to support any of these works. Heck the books are not only full of contradictions and errors, they are poorly written and rewritten, selectively edited and customized, and not nearly as entertaining as other much better Faerie Tales such as the Brothers Grimm, or Lord of the Rings. (The Silmarillian by J.R.R. Tolkien reads like a Biblical account of his world and it's histories and is FAR more credible and better written than anything in organized religion).

hey Erik, not that i dont believe you, but if you'd happen to have some sources on Jehovah/Yahweh being one of the many Sumerian gods or goddesses and Abraham being the original author of the canon id love to have them

Been a while since I researched this info, but I will see what I can dig up for you Nate. It was originally presented to me from a Pagan who had been studying Sumerian Religion and their pantheon for quite some time. He also happened to be well versed in Biblical studies and enjoyed reading all of that nonsense. The Sumerians had a few hundred Gods and Goddess's. I had a really good archeological translation of the pantheon at one point, but I have not found the file. I may have deleted the file during past clean ups but regardless, I will see if I can find the info for you Nate. Cheers!


- Erik

I don't believe in gods because there is no reason to. No one can prove that they don't exist, but there is absolutely no evidence that any such beings do exist, and therefore there is no reason to assume they do. I can't prove that there isn't a civilization of tiny invisible, intangible trolls that crap raspberry sorbet living in my closet, but just because I can't prove they don't exist doesn't mean that we should believe that they are there. The probability that they exist is so miniscule it isn't even worth considering. I could come up with any absurd creature that can't ever be proven 100% false, but no one will believe in them just because there's no evidence they don't exist. Gods are no different. They are just unfalsifiable ideas (I don't want to say theory because they really have nothing to do with science).

Although to be fair i really do have a civilization of tiny invisible, intangible trolls that crap raspberry sorbet living in my closet. and mine are better than yours, because they have a book that says so. STOP PERSECUTING MY TROLLIAN BELIEFS!!!
  1. No reason to believe in a god
  2. Was never exposed to religious training / indoctrination / brainwashing as a child
  3. Curiosity lead me to science which gave me answers
  4. Education led me to more answers reenforcing #1.
  5. Seeing what organized religion does to people and societies through history and current events also reenforces #1.  (corruption, abuse, lying, etc.)


The Christian god is a heartless and amoral god.
Even if he did exist, I wouldn't worship him.
But ultimately, there's no proof for a god.
Which means all morality is subjective.

You're not too young--even when I was a wee fatling I was questioning why god liked the thin girls better in my church and why the old and the sick and the poor were most devout--when god clearly didn't like them!



What evidence of omniscient sky daddy is there?

What evidence of an afterlife is there?


The other reasoning? If he exists, he's kind of a huge dick.

He somehow chooses everything about a person or things before they happen, created everything, etc.(and if he didn't, why call him god? what kind of god controls nothing?)

So he chose to make fat people, thin people, he chose to make poor people, sick people, he chose to create people with appendixes that burst and kill them, he chose to let people starve, and if he didn't do these things, then he allows something else to do them and doesn't bother protecting his worshipers from anything that is malicious against them. Obviously not the greatest deity to worship.

So even if there was proof he exists, he's just be sort of a cosmic alcoholic dad, who punishes his kids for no reason other than to "test" them when he can apparently read their minds already.

First someone's gotta prove to me that there's an afterlife. As in, proof proof. Scientific, reproducible, stable proof that some magical pixie-dust-shadow-dancer part of me(my ka, if you will) will go onto a place after this.

Until this happens, nope, no reason for religion beyond controlling the poor, uneducated masses with an easy skycake dodge.

I started not believing in a god right before my 17th birthday. Your not too young to make a decision on religion. Just keep an open mind. Anyway, I don't believe in God for many different reasons. I've been reading books on both sides of the debate for 10 months now, and the arguments for God are fallacious, and the evidence for God is shaky and unreliable. I don't see any valid evidence for the existence of God. I recommend reading up on the subject yourself, if you haven't already.

It's really quite simple. I don't believe in any gods because there is no reliable evidence for their existence. There is no difference between the Greek myths, Norse myths, or Grimm's fairy tales and any modern-day religion. They are just stories, not fact.


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