This question is directed at anyone who lives somewhere.  So as not to discriminate, those who do not live somewhere, but perhaps live somewhen instead, are also invited to participate, but only if they can explain how that works.


It's pretty open-ended really, but a few things to consider:

  • Is your community open to your atheism (or other philosophy if not atheist)?
  • If so, is that a factor in why you remain?
  • If not, does this bother you?
  • If it does bother you, what keeps you where you are (family, school, can't afford to move, etc.)?
  • What other aspects, positive or negative, affect the livability of your current location?


Even if you frequently move, or do not live most of any given year at a fixed address, I'm still looking for the same basic things: what keeps you in a state of moving around so much?


N.B. Don't feel obligated to answer those subquestions I asked.  Photos, words, videos... whatever; answer however you damn well please.  I'm mostly just curious about where other TA members are coming from, figuratively and literaly.

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Good discussion topic. :]


I'm in Central Ohio. Pretty religious, but I think the people I know are very accepting of my atheism. If they're not, I don't want to know them. I drive my car with my Darwin fish and park it right next to the Jesus fish and pro-life stickers at work. No one's said anything yet. Where I work is right on the way home for some people my husband works with. At a get-together at my house, one of his friends told me he followed me to work the week before. I asked how he knew it was me and he said, "how many other Chargers are driving around here with a Darwin fish and an Apple sticker?" Good point. 


I would love to live somewhere more progressive, but, I've never been good at fitting in. I'd rather be the odd-ball, and maybe start something here.

My work office window:


You lucky duck. I don't have windows in my office...but if I did, I'd either be looking at a cornfield or a highway.

That's a sweet view, Morgan.


I love that people are posting photos. It's incredible to look at the cars and the people and think that this is all happening right now in different lives, accents, cities, languages, on the other side of the world.

I live where I live for a couple reasons.


One, new job! I just got this job (which required me to move many thousands of miles) and thus I live here.

Two, Hawaii! Yes, my new job is in Hawaii. :D


As far as attitudes towards atheism go, I don't know how my local area is. I suspect not particularly friendly, though. My downstairs neighbors are Mormon missionaries (they haven't tried to preach to me yet, though) and recently a couple atheists were attacked at the state capitol for protesting a sectarian prayer opening the state legislature.


No one has tried to invite me to their church or asked me where I go yet, though. So we'll see.

Hi Dave,I saw that on you tube the video of you know what the outcome was?as they were in the right,it was against the constitution,were the security guards charged?I might check it out myself.thanks Dave for reminding me.
I don't know if the security guards were charged or not, I need to follow up on it.
My experience was always that Hawaiians are virtually all religious because they can't imagine anything else. Maybe "can't" is strong, and "don't care to", is more accurate. It's this cultural artifact from the stories are told from youth about how the islands came to be. At the same time, I don't recall ever having ran into anyone pushy about it.

I've been here for about 3 weeks now, so no, the view hasn't worn off yet. :D Although it has been a little obscured the past week or so, with all the rain. (Winter is the rainy season in Hawaii, I hear.)


I still occasionally stop and watch the mountains or the sunrise when stepping outside on my way to work each morning. And once I finish getting settled in, I plan to do some more exploring of the rest of the island. (And the other islands)

Hey Kris, What's kickin, bro?

It's been a while, I know... But there's reason for that. I live in Jacksonville, AR. As you know, I'm quite the outspoken asshole atheist that most distance themselves from, and J-ville was my playground for quite some time. I enjoyed the debates that come with being an atheist in the deep south, and wouldn't back down to anybody, no matter how bloody it got (and it DID get decently bloody [literally] from time to time, but that was neither my fault, nor called for), but as of late, the business I run, which is my livelihood, took a serious hit, and I had to go find a job. Now, I'm scared to let ANYONE know my religious affiliation (none) for fear of job loss and homelessness. That's the reason you guys ain't seen my ass kickin around here lately. I've just been trying to put it outta my head, and take everything as leniently as I can. I am now a taco jockey at the local Taco Bell (hey, it gives me the money to pay bills and get the biz up an runnin again, don't judge me), and work with the most ignorant and religious group the deep south can produce. I'm not proud of this, but on the same token, if my religious preference came to light, I'd definitely lose my job. Before you all get up in arms about equal opportunity, realize that it wouldn't be the religion that loses me the job, they'd just put me under the microscope and burn me for some inconsequential shit. I know this, because I've seen another atheist "helped out the door" already. I can't say or do shit about it that I know of, because it's all VERY by the book. I know, it's horrible, and I'm disgusted with myself for it, but there's nothing I can think of to do about it. Other than that, I'm somewhat the recluse now, and I don't get out much. I'd love to move back home to Michigan, but my biz keeps me locked here for the moment, and my hometown took a worse hit than I did with the economic collapse. Oh, how I wish Detroit were back to it's glory days...

BTW, shout out to all the oldschoolers I ain't seen in a Detroit minute. I've missed you guys. Gaytor, doone, Kris, Jeanie, Laura, Syd (feel better soon), Matthew (Maxon-type), Sky (wherever you may be) and all you other guys (Most of all, the great MORGAN MATTHEW) whom I may not have mentioned, but know and love. You keep me sane and RATIONAL (lolz, so true...) and I don't know where I'd be without you guys, an outlet for my frustration. I'll let you know, I'm back in the mix, and I love you all!


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