This question is directed at anyone who lives somewhere.  So as not to discriminate, those who do not live somewhere, but perhaps live somewhen instead, are also invited to participate, but only if they can explain how that works.


It's pretty open-ended really, but a few things to consider:

  • Is your community open to your atheism (or other philosophy if not atheist)?
  • If so, is that a factor in why you remain?
  • If not, does this bother you?
  • If it does bother you, what keeps you where you are (family, school, can't afford to move, etc.)?
  • What other aspects, positive or negative, affect the livability of your current location?


Even if you frequently move, or do not live most of any given year at a fixed address, I'm still looking for the same basic things: what keeps you in a state of moving around so much?


N.B. Don't feel obligated to answer those subquestions I asked.  Photos, words, videos... whatever; answer however you damn well please.  I'm mostly just curious about where other TA members are coming from, figuratively and literaly.

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Wow that's awesome. I bet it must be great to live in Europe... so secular... :]
What a stunning place to live. I love the thought of being surrounded by so much rich culture and living history.
My brother in law is from belgium (well his parents are). They go visiting there every few years and bring back amazing photos.
I've lived here all my life, and I'm really greatful for it.  What I like here is the mix of culture.  I have friends from countries all over the world. 

Central Maryland. I live there mostly due to family, work and just being comfortable. Granted, the Winters can be colder/snowier than I'd prefer. But I can deal with it. Plus DC and Baltimore are close enough to take day trips. Around here, it seems that conservative and liberal live in well defined pockets. Some ares are very conservative (Beck/Palin fans) and other areas are quite liberal. 


I can't say that the community as a whole are accepting to Atheism. But as long as you aren't in the 'sticks' it doesn't seem to be too big a deal to people. Thus far I haven't had anyone blow up over my Atheism, but then again I don't poke those that I know listen to Limbaugh every day. We do have a pretty good sized Atheist group though.


I do like where I am though. Country  is close, cities are close, it's pretty quiet, and it's definitely not the Bible belt. lol


If I had my choice of absolutely anywhere though... I'd have a hard time picking anywhere other than England. I've never visited, but I am something of an Anglophile. :)

I am from Georgia (I live in Atlanta right now), and am currently going to Ga Tech. Atlanta is a surprisingly diverse area considering it's the South, and I have not encountered too much discrimination. However, Georgia is still in the South (known as the Bible Belt), so I still encounter a large amount of "Bible-Beaters". As far as other religions go, I honestly don't see as many Atheists/ Jews/ Muslims (in general diversity) as I would like. Soon, when I apply to medical school, I would love to move North to maybe New York City or Massachusetts :]
Any mention of Georgia makes me think of the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and the delicious characters described within. 

Greetings to another Ramblin' Wreck!


If you can, take Robert Blaskiewicz's skepticism class. He's an entertaining teacher and a fun guy.

I live on the northside of Houston, Texas. It's only about half as bad as it sounds. Many of my friends are either fine with my atheism or consider it another quirk of my personality. Is the community at large okay with atheists? Not really. Then again, I don't spend much time with the community at large. It bothers me a bit that the sole reason I don't have an atheist bumper sticker on my car is because I don't want it keyed (again) but there are a few things keeping me here.


1) School. I intentionally entered a field that was highly portable. Then I went back to school and now I'm pretty much stuck in Houston for the next 2-3 years unless I can find another branch of the college with my major.


2) The joys of Houston. I'm a huge fan of museums, libraries, live music, and theater. Houston is second in the US for museums and theater. First is New York and the cost of living is far, far less here than it is there. One can use either the city or county library (I have a card for both but prefer county) and between the two there's a library within ten miles of every place worth being. The live music scene could be better but being the fourth largest city in the US means we do get all the major acts, and quite a few smaller ones, so I'm content with it. We're not Austin but Austin isn't too far to drive for a good festival.


3) Boyfriend. His custody arrangement with his ex means he can't leave the greater Houston area and still see his child. There a reason this is number three on the list. I have every intention of starting a long-distance relationship with him the moment I finish school.


4) The weather. As much I hate the fact that, in summer, you basically walk outside and your clothes are drenched in sweat, I abhor being cold. Cold is, and I will say this regardless of time of day, year or emotions of the moment, the worst feeling in world. I also adore rain and hurricane season in Houston is a beautiful, wonderful, thing.


I am planning a great escape and I have two years, hopefully, to do what everyone else in my family has done: leave Houston only to come back in a decade with your tail tucked between your legs and your eyes marveling at how much the city has changed.


"It bothers me a bit that the sole reason I don't have an atheist bumper sticker on my car is because I don't want it keyed (again) but there are a few things keeping me here."


That's funny, I live in Houston too and I've been telling my family for the past two years that I'd put an Obama bumper sticker on my car if I thought that it wouldn't get my car keyed.  What is it with Texas and keying cars?? 

I can't help but think I'm lacking as a Texan somehow because I don't see vehicles with differing opinions and key them. On the upside, I almost bought this awesome bag to prove myself loyal to car-keying but decided against it.
Ha! That's great!


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