This question is directed at anyone who lives somewhere.  So as not to discriminate, those who do not live somewhere, but perhaps live somewhen instead, are also invited to participate, but only if they can explain how that works.


It's pretty open-ended really, but a few things to consider:

  • Is your community open to your atheism (or other philosophy if not atheist)?
  • If so, is that a factor in why you remain?
  • If not, does this bother you?
  • If it does bother you, what keeps you where you are (family, school, can't afford to move, etc.)?
  • What other aspects, positive or negative, affect the livability of your current location?


Even if you frequently move, or do not live most of any given year at a fixed address, I'm still looking for the same basic things: what keeps you in a state of moving around so much?


N.B. Don't feel obligated to answer those subquestions I asked.  Photos, words, videos... whatever; answer however you damn well please.  I'm mostly just curious about where other TA members are coming from, figuratively and literaly.

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I am 22 years old and I have not moved at all in my life. I plan on moving in the near future, but still in the same relative area.

My community is NOT open to very many philosophical ideas, including atheism. I seem to live in a very fundamentalist environment.

It does bother me, but you find the same thing anywhere else could be talking to someone online from a different state and still feel the same awkwardness.

I remain here because most of my family lives close by. I cant afford to move just yet, but like I mentioned already, I plan on not moving too far away. I like my home town. I live in a small town with a major river flowing less then a mile away. I live in a very historical town. There is a certain beauty to this area, that I think you would only notice if you were raised here. I love to ride four wheeler...there are abandoned strip mining sites close by that are perfect for that hobby. I love to fish the river that is closed by. I learned how to swim there.

the only other thing i dont like about my hometown is that it's nearly impossible to find a job...I have to travel.


I'm going to post a few pictures if that's ok... also a few links.

Facts: Northumberland Pa



I'll add more later maybe. Oh and, I almost fit the whole town in this picture. lol

I live in a pleasant sea side resort in South West England (N Somerset).  Most of my friends and colleagues are atheist or agnostic.  I am under the impression that despite a recent visit to the UK from the pope church attendance is dropping.


I was born here.  Never really had the urge to leave as I know it well and I like it.   Only religious pressure I had was at primary school where it was forced down my throat and if you questioned the faith you were punished and also at college where a bit of a crazy bunch heard I was a non believer and pestered me to join their silly club.


There are a lot of churches around here.  3 that I know of within a 5 min walk.  I expect that number to drop over time even with the increasing and unmanageable population within the UK.


Attached is a pic of the sunset from my window.  One of the reasons I like my little flat overlooking the bay.

'Cause I'm too young to move out, as well as being unable to support myself financially.
I live in secular Glasgow scotland, home of the famous Glasgow Rangers fc and my name is george,
Never thought of that -  great idea.

I live in midtown Manhattan, NY.  I really love it here.  My commute is a 12 minute walk, which is hard to beat, although it took me about 15 minutes when we had the blizzard here last week haha.  My community is very open to atheism, and just about anything else.  I suppose it's a factor in why I choose to stay, but mainly it's the overall awesomeness of the city.  Everything is at your fingertips.  However, most of my friends and family are not, so I hesitate to be too open about this.

No my community is not open to my atheism. 

I remain because I was raised here, my kids went to school here, my husband and I have jobs here and my family is here.  And they need a few token atheist liberals here.


It bothers me sometimes.  I have had to quit reading the local paper as it is not good for my blood pressure. However working in a library gives me access to like minded liberals at least.

I have read all of the posts on this  thread. I am struck by the DIVISIVENESS of religions.Peoples acceptance of Atheists / Agnostics / Freethinkers depends on just HOW caught-up in whatever religion they lay claim to. This is so sad. So far as Xianity is concerned, relatively few have even read the goddam dumb book on which their faith is based.                                                                                                   Here in central Pa. I have been a prolific writer of LTEs for years challenging Xians mostly, as most people go with one sect or another.  ( All religions are sects - the biggest ones have universities & football teams. ) Through all of this I have developed many other Atheist friends. I take comfort that we are a growing viable group, thanks largely to the web. You can 'come out' on here, if not where you work.



I live in the Ozarks of north central Arkansas back in the 'boondocks.' Totally isolated from the rest of the world for the most part. Rural or backwoods life suits me just fine. As a Lone Wolf with a type A personality this is where I am most at peace.

I love the outdoors and being amongst the critters and trees and all that. Very rewarding simple lifestyle. Definitely not for most.


I have a woodworking business that I operate out of a small shop on my property. Shameless promotion: Mister Ed's Woodworking ( Because of my business I have to be careful about my religious beliefs or lack of them. Most people around here are your stereotypical 'go to church each week faithfully' type. They have no tolerance for unbelievers and would be very reluctant to do any business with you if they can get the same thing from Joe Christian. You can easily be blacklisted by the local communities as word spreads fast these days. If I didn't have the business considerations I would be more vocal about my atheism.

So I would say that my local communities are DEFINITELY not open to atheism and I try to not let it bother me. As theism declines in popularity I see these rurals areas being the last strongholds for Jesus. Maybe in another 4 or 5 centuries we'll see a noticeable change around here.  :^ )


I have never understood why people who grow up in a certain environment never question their belief system. Because mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa, and great grandma and grandpa worshipped Jesus I should. That is nonsensical to me. Alot of pressure is placed on those who might waver from the "truth." Sometimes it is a hard thing to reach the point to make a stand. It can often times fracture family unity. But one must let their conscience be their guide.

To be true to myself I cannot pretend to believe in something just to placate others. I used to feel quilty about taking that position but not anymore.

I wouldn't trade Croatia for any other country in the world, and I wanted to show it's beauty with pictures but I couldn't find any without churches on it and this answers all your questions. (You maybe though islands don't have churches, but they have crosses, on every f*cking one).

So if it bothers me why do I stay? I hope it will be better one day, we did have socialism once so this made religion weaker but not in a political sense. Croatia gives to vatican around 370 million dollars every five years! But because of world crisis and our own crisis we are thinking of cutting this money. Don't know how much.

All people know about Croatia is either the islands of Dalmatia or Dubrovnik or our achievements in sport.

I wanted to live in Singapore for some strange reason once and then I heard that Family guy is banned there and I changed my mind :P 


I live in Canada because I was born here but I have lived in many different parts of the country.  Currently I live in Québec City, Québec, because I wanted to simulate emigration to another country without losing my cherished Canadian health care.  Although a lot of people here have at least a working knowledge of English and I've been picking up a lot of French, I still have some marvelous experiences of being hopelessly unable to communicate in situations where I really really need to do so.  Religion really doesn't enter into my life at all because I really can't have significantly meaningful conversations - not that I ever had significantly meaningful conversations with theists but at least now when they knock on my door I can just pretend that I don't understand a single word that they are saying.


For the most part I've become acquainted with a number of immigrants (from outside of Canada altogether) and we share stories of our frustrations using whatever common words we can find.  From these kind people I've managed to collate a list of restaurants where you can get a dish-washing job within days even if you don't speak a word of French and perhaps especially if you don't speak a word of French - ha ha!  I love it!


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