Why do you have no faith? I will research more about your rape comments

i am reasearching your commments on rape

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I looked them up and he is talking about adultery more of a cultural saying not technically rape when sum 1 sleeps with who you are not supposed to is the same thing as rape in those days and the when she does not scream out it is saying that she is cheating on her husband and keeps it a secret and so its dishonest its adultery not rape
I think your confusion comes from the fact that the verses you are citing do not see anything wrong with rape other than its status as adultery.
i am not confused about it its not saying rape is okay it is saying adultery is not ok and it is using rape as the cultural word and the woman was not getting raped in dueteronomy 22:23-24 she was cheating on her husband and failed to be honest about it (scream out)
yes shes a virgin and so she is not cheating but she is not married and sex before marriage is not okay either so if a man and woman sleep together without being in wed lock they must marry
sex before marriage is not okay either so if a man and woman sleep together without being in wed lock they must marry

It's bullcrap like this that's destroying the planet. I defy your religion's moral superiority.

How do you address the issue of a human being worth X amount of shekels. Go ahead. Try and put a spin on it and MAKE it sound moral!
Christ, Mario!

She's been gone since mid-2009. What were you thinking? Is it because she looks pretty and maybe you can talk sense into her? Maybe it will lead to a lifelong love? Or did I just give away my fantasy?
You know, Alicia, sometimes when the Bible says something it's not a metaphor. Sometimes it means what it actually says. You can't regard the parts you don't like as metaphors or cultural differences and regard the parts that you do like as the holy word of God.
So according to Christians, adultery and rape now mean the same thing. How compassionate. You learn something new every day.
Alicia, you are taking it out of context. They are not using rape/force to mean adultery. They are not using "cry out" or "scream out" to mean "be honest".

Read Deut 22:23-22:27 and it is clear that all five are talking about rape (and not adultery). 23-24 are about virgins being raped in the city. 25-27 are about virgins being raped in the country.

however, i will agree with you that she was not put to death for being a raped *per se*, but for having had sex outside of marriage. she is being punished per the adultery rules even though she was raped.

in the city, it is presumed that the woman could have easily stopped the rape (if she so chose!!) by crying out and bringing help. therefore she must be stoned to death if the rapist was able to finish his job.

in the country, nobody would be around to hear her screams anyway, so the bible very generously gives her the benefit of the doubt that she probably did try to scream, and does not condemn her to death.
You can still see this today in Muslim countries (whose practices are quite barbaric and resemble passages you see in the Bible), where if a married woman is raped, she has to have been raped in front of so many witnesses, or she's automatically assumed to be an adulteress and stoned to death. So if a man takes a woman somewhere private and rapes and beats her, it's her fault because two or three people didn't happen by to see it.
Good thing most rapists like a huge audience of ultra-conservative Muslims.

And don't forget vanity.


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