Really people, I don't get what's the point in arguing with really religious people... is like yelling at deaf people. Is as useful as praying for atheists to become catholics. I guess the only way we could make a difference is if people are willing to hear reasons, to make our schools teach science, to educate instead of preaching.


So why do we have to use our energy in people who doesn't deserve it? Why not trying to change through "real" ways as banning intelligent desing in our schools or banning catholic lessons in our junior highs?


Sorry for the bad english, i'm not a native speaker.

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My wife accuses me of this all the time.  Rightly so, I believe.

This happens to be a daily discussion with my husband and I ... It is just turned around the other way..

That's called "marriage".  Sometimes I wonder if the gays know what they are asking for.

I forgot which comedian said it but the comment was "The homosexual community should have just as much right as the rest of us to be miserable"

Haha, I think I heard the same thing.  Divorce lawyers will be happy for the market growth.

Also: TWO wedding dresses for a wedding. Just imagine. Everyone in the business is gonna see double.

It's really fun, have you ever tried it?

I have... but it always ends with them saying "you are so close minded!"... So, i think that after a lot of frustations, it gets boring.

Tell them that the problem with being open-minded is that people always come along and try to put stuff into it....

That's a great observation!  Is it yours?

Mr Terry Pratchett's actually - but you probably already knew that right?

No, sorry.  I stopped reading fantasy right around the time his career started to take off.  The name was vaguely familiar but I had to google him to remember him.


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