Really people, I don't get what's the point in arguing with really religious people... is like yelling at deaf people. Is as useful as praying for atheists to become catholics. I guess the only way we could make a difference is if people are willing to hear reasons, to make our schools teach science, to educate instead of preaching.


So why do we have to use our energy in people who doesn't deserve it? Why not trying to change through "real" ways as banning intelligent desing in our schools or banning catholic lessons in our junior highs?


Sorry for the bad english, i'm not a native speaker.

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Pratchett's work is chicken soup for the mind.

I always find it interesting when I start to hit areas that they've never heard before. It's fun to watch them accept that maybe I'm not just an idiot. I fantasize that maybe my children or grandchildren won't be seen as so strange due to my efforts. I sometimes learn interesting stuff too.

I don't argue with really religious people. I do however have discussions with them. You never know what is going to make a person stop and think for a moment and maybe just maybe alter their position a little bit.

I think, that so far this is the best answer. Thnx!


To give you a moment to think fellas!

I agree, I have often felt that even engaging in conversation with them, is some times giving them way too much head way.

Sometimes I just can't help myself though. I am trying..

Truth is I never did until about the past 3 months, My sister became religious, started speaking tongues, my mom followed her lead, and they have been driving me crazy.

Yes this story get crazier, However I had already thought about this before I seen the post, and I have been fighting myself from going over and even engaging in any kind of conversation with religious people. Thank you for pointing that out.

If I were religious I would see this as a sign.:)

Eh, most of them will never listen, but I'm not putting out ideas for them; it's the ones who are uncertain or are still on the fence about things; we get to show them how ridiculous the whole notion is, and with a little luck, the sheer logic of it all might appeal to them and BAM! One more point for sanity and a little more hope for humanity is gained. :D

I've lost track of the number of times I've been told that I just think that way because I'm an atheist, but still it's worth having the discussion as long as it's civil. When the believer starts getting defensive and paranoid, I'll laugh and change the subject, but when they really want to engage, I always have hope that something I ask or say will germinate.

I've been told that "something" must have happened to me in order for me to not believe.  It can be hard to relate to theists in certain ways.

A wise man can learn more from a fool than a fool can from a wise man.

A wise man can be hit hard in the face for learning from fools...

  • We have to argue with religious people because their frame is different from ours.
  • Religious people rule the world.


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