Why do those who choose religion feel the need to belong to something "higher" then they are? The need to feel like someone is hypothetically in control of their life? Its as if they dont believe in themselves enough that they insist on believing in god. I have my opinions on this subject, but being that I'm new to the site and haven't had a lot of previous atheist contact, I'm curious to see what others think?

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I agree with you Brian. Your last statement, saying that expecting a reward for what you have done is a contradiction to what the bible says. Seems that there arent many things from the bible that dont have a contradiction.


Social acceptance is another reason why i think most believers hold on to religion. Like most of these stories I've been hearing about upcoming High School graduates mentioning the prayers being said during the ceremony and being outcasted because they are a non-believer.

Many of us were born into a faith. We had had no choice. When I was 10 I started having doubts. At 13 I knew my religion was bullshit. At 18 I knew that ALL religion was bull. At 25 I declared myself an Atheist. One thing I learned in my dealings with religion is there are a lot of people just going thru the motions. There are many more Atheists than the polls indicate.

It gives them a feeling of security, is one main reason. I'm not sure why that is, since the Bible says God makes it to rain on the rich as well as the poor. I think they may just get a general feeling of "I'm doing the right thing." I think it may have a lot to do with childhood indoctrination.

Everybody needs to feel that they are part of something. I live in this dirtwater stinkhole named Cumberland Maryland. I understand the need to hook up with likeminded people. When I lived on the west coast I was a member of Atheist United at CFIW. The nearest hookup is FRESH in Fredrick MD that is half a tank of gas away. I can't afford it. This is the best atheist community on the internet. I feel that I belong here.


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