The continent has most of the world's most poisonous snakes, not only on land but in the ocean. It has the world's largest crocodiles, and one can be devoured by one in or near the ocean or a river, and then out in the surf great white sharks abound. And I haven't even mentioned box jellyfish, blue ring octopi, stone fish, or the red backed and funnel spiders.

If ever a land was saying "Go away, people," it's Australia.

Add to all this that Sydney, strangely, is one of the most expensive cities on Earth and that you're so far from the United States (where everyone wants to go) and why would anyone live there, much less WANT to live there?

So, why are there people in Australia? What explains it?

Yes, and of course I'm being tongue in cheek. I'm sure there are many reasons to risk the many ways to die there.

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Hoping that it does not appear that I am disputing the points but simply asking:

If kids do move away, would that deprive you of all benefit derived from their education?

Some friends tried to list the government services which should be required/imposed with great disagreement and resulting alignment along presuppositionalist lines. Fun to observe but not very constructive.

Perhaps we need to engage society in sober informed discussion?

Sorry, couldn't help myself.  :)

Don't worry about it Norm, we dispute each other all the time! And rarely politely --

RE: "If kids do move away, would that deprive you of all benefit derived from their education?" not in global terms, no, but in local terms, yes.

Not worried as not easily intimidated. Concerned that the dialogue did not go into dispute as I am interested in what others have to say.

I agree with you. I'll only disagree when you are wrong.

There may be times when I'm not entirely correct, but wrong?! I can barely get the word out --*:)) laughing

It may be difficult to accept but I do understand how it feels to be wrong! I remember the occasion well. It was in 1956 when a guy told me that I was wrong and I believed him. My mistake, of course, was in believing him. :)

Arch, where were you in 1956?  I think we've found that bloke you said you'd corrected back then!

So the story comes home to roost?

Probably perched in a treetop somewhere --

"home to roost"? Yeah, sure, pick on the proto-bird!


Ah, the sound of one hand clapping, I've grown so accustomed to it --

Does it matter if one dollar from the tobacco tax goes into general revenue while a different dollar comes from general revenue into education?

Cost of accounting in government is stupifying. Some decades ago I was an instructor in a community college where we used local purchase orders and general purchase orders. The LPO's could purchase up to $200.00 while over that required a GPO. LPO could be approved at the department level within budget while a GPO had to go to senior levels for approval.

I asked the head of accounting, what was the cost of processing an LPO. She told me that each LPO cost about $200.00 in administration because of the tracking, and verification required to justify and report the expenditure. That, at best doubled the cost to the tax payer. My observation was that it would be far better to leave a pail of cash in the staff room from which staff needing make purchased could take money and return receipts. I still believe that theft would be negligible and could not possibly approach the cost of processing. The accounting head agreed that I was correct but of course that would be unthinkable/impossible because of demands to track and justify everything.

One can have a new house, new car, big vacation but somehow it must be paid.

When we demand more from government, the money does not come from government. It comes from the tax payers which point seems to escape some and be denied by the wilfully evil.

Who was the Scottish professor who said that a democracy is doomed from the time that the voters realize that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the pubic purse?

When I was young, only property taxpayers could vote for city councils, for just that reason.

@ Strega 

@Unseen - But why should smokers contribute so much more than non-smokers for a school?

Indeed, they should probably ask "How can you justify taxing us in the first place?"


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