The continent has most of the world's most poisonous snakes, not only on land but in the ocean. It has the world's largest crocodiles, and one can be devoured by one in or near the ocean or a river, and then out in the surf great white sharks abound. And I haven't even mentioned box jellyfish, blue ring octopi, stone fish, or the red backed and funnel spiders.

If ever a land was saying "Go away, people," it's Australia.

Add to all this that Sydney, strangely, is one of the most expensive cities on Earth and that you're so far from the United States (where everyone wants to go) and why would anyone live there, much less WANT to live there?

So, why are there people in Australia? What explains it?

Yes, and of course I'm being tongue in cheek. I'm sure there are many reasons to risk the many ways to die there.

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I'm not a marine biologist so cannot offer authority however this is what MB have told me, what I have read, what experienced divers have told me and what I experienced from the box fish family, (don't ask as feel quite dumb).

It seems likely (not that my opinion has any weight) that their intellectual capacity is very limited but I am certain from experience that some creatures will defend themselves while others do no. Ants, for example will fight in self defense and they are likely below the shark and box fish family in brains.

Jellies don't seem to have any sort of brain structure but their activity isn't apparently active as one simply encounters the tenacles.

No arguement from me as you could very likely be absolutely correct. I will offer, however than you could try out the not in self defense on a Manta Shrimp as I nearly did on several ocassions out of blind ignorance. Wow! But that's another story and must be off.

If someone has more understanding of these self defense actions, it would be most interesting. Piss off a Puffer and it will bite. Again, don't ask.....:(

@Morgan - Yaayyy Morgan - Don't believe all the PR we put out about poisoness creepy crawlies - we need all the Atheists we can get, here :)

We only want happy people, with a sense of humour, who don't take themselves too seriously, and you will have a good time.

My hometown is sister city to Melbourne and is even named after it  (even pronounced "melburn" by us locals). We also share your insects, spiders, reefs, surf, crocs and gators, snakes, sharks, and was also originally settled by criminals. Unfortunately criminals still hide-out down here. Our outback is called the "glades". What amazed me is how tough and resourceful the original settlers of either place had to be. Honestly, 8 months of the year I could not imagine getting caught outside at night around here. The skeeters and biting gnats would carry you away. For everyday living from air-conditioned house to car to work, it's no big deal. Yet still, I have been bit by a rattlesnake, stung by man-o-war and by black and brown widow spiders, stepped on a barbed catfish, chased out of the water by sharks, survived three hurricanes (one destroyed my roof), lost a dog to a gator, almost drowned in a boating mishap, etc, etc. I love the outdoors. You live and learn. Everyplace has it's dangers. You are never gonna freeze to death around here. I would love to make it to Aussieland someday,

This pic is taken from the wooden deck attached to my house after a rain.



@Archy - I do wish Unseen would take note of your sense of humour - he just doesn't seem to have any.

Only because he's unseen - if you could see him, you'd laugh!

@Unseen - Jackboots to remove a cushion??? - gotta get your facts right buddy.

This was an artist, and I use that term verrryy loosely, was trying to get into the headlines about what you were talking about - Nazis, fascists, censorship, yadayada.

This prune made a collage, bits of paper stuck onto other bits of paper, not a painting, not a sculpture, no statement being made etc. This bloke was being subsided by the council, he did not have the ability to earn a living with his 'Art". Primary school kids are shunted through museums, art galleries etc. One of the offensive bits was a collage of bits, with Justin Beiber head, and an adult penis. He knew it would create a fuss, as children relate to Justin Beiber. Really lame.

A no talent inadequate male, trying to get a bit of publicity, and it worked. Now more people know about Paul Yore, and what tax payers money has been subsiding.

There was a photographer that few people had heard about. He used to photograph factories etc, so wanted to get some publicity, so took photos of pubescent males and females. He also got them confiscated, with the same yelping and screaming - It is censorship.

If anybody has to get kudos and/or publicity from using children inappropriately, they will be held accountable, and thought of as fools.

@Archy - The smoking rate has dropped dramatically - unfair, yep, but even I understand why they are doing what they are doing.

The cigarette companies are having a problem right around the world flogging their product - the rate of smokers giving up, I would imagine, be quite dramatic.

While I'm sure that's globally beneficial, it just smacks of Big Brother deciding what's good for me. If they can ban one thing, they can ban another. In New York, Mayor Bloomberg tried to ban large sodas (didn't fly) - interesting they're tackling cigarettes, when the ban on drugs worked out so well for them --

People in many other countries seem not to mind a little Big Brotherliness.

Yeah, but how many of them had to kick Brit butt out of their country?

How many of those countries are noted for free-thinking? Is a nation of sheep something to be desired, or worse, emulated?

To keep in perspective, Brit Empire backed out of its possessions with less struggle than the other colonials. One can trot out one's preconceptions or imagine that things could have gone so much better "if" but their record seems quite good in comparison, IMO.

Some colonial conditions were made worse than might have been had the change to independence been delayed and more gradual. No society can accomodate extreme rates of change. For example that is China's challenge, IMO.

Oh, I know - I just like to rag on my favorite Brit-ess.


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