Really, I mean why? Simple question. Why?

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Good question, I have no idea. 

I suspect it's because of men's deep fear of women's power over them.  Other times, just to brutalise somebody.  Perhaps because they feel entitled.  All those reasons. 

Because they can.

I'm not being flip. Nature gave men more muscle and harder muscle and a size advantage. 

Rape seems to have been built into nature's plan for humans, at least as a side effect.

I think agree. 

Males are naturally more aggressive and competitive, across many species. When we evolved, aggressiveness was regulated by the group one belonged to (including its females), even in primate species where an alpha male would be selected in physical competition. In modern times there is little daily, face-to-face interaction with one's home group (band or tribe) to enable such regulation of behavior in the group. In fact most families are isolated from each other and the larger group, leaving out the significant behavioral regulation (i.e. group pressures) that would have been naturally present.

No proof of my idea... just my opinion. Primate researchers could provide better explanations and examples.

Following my reasoning, I would disagree with the idea that rape was part of nature's plan for humans. One should consider the larger, daily social pressures that also existed before individuals and families became more culturally isolated from each other.

Conventional "wisdom" says that "it's not about sex - it's about power". I've never understood that perspective. It's a sexual encounter - it must have something to do with sex.Could it have something to do with having to compensate for a feeling of sexual inadequacy? 

I'm as puzzled as the other responders. Personally, I could never get it up unless the woman were in favour of the idea.

Of course it's about power. How common would rape be if women were bigger and stronger? 

Yes, but one can overpower and dominate a smaller person without having sex.

When I say "power," it includes the power to dominate. One particularly potent way of reminding them that you have power over them is to force them to have sex with you without obtaining their consent.

Male dominance is a naturally occurring trait in animals, including primates.

Personally, I could never get it up unless the woman were in favour of the idea.

I second your anecdotal evidence, but if male dominance isn't at play, is rape then only about sex? I'm not a shrink, but it seems to me even one's feeling of sexual inadequacy can lead to seeking power over females, so sexual inadequacy isn't really an argument against a power hypothesis.

Some men never rape women.

What stops them?

The moment doesn't seem right?

More seriously, they just find another way to dominate. Why would it always have to be by using a sex act?

Why would it always have to be by using a sex act?

What I don't understand is why dominance and violence would EVER involve the sex act. Sex, to me, is the most mutual act imaginable. My objective in sex is to please my partner. Her objective is to please me.

I'm a big strong guy. I've never been involved with a woman I couldn't dominate physically if I chose to. My question (and the OP) is why on earth would I WANT to?


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