It always surprises me that so many Christians feel the need to quote scripture when talking to or arguing with Atheist. I am curious if they are unaware of how useless this is when talking to some one who has already rejected the Bible as nonsense or if they think a scripture based argument helps there cause. Every time I see or hear it they deliver the chapter and verse or the whole quote as though they have just made a valid and meaningful point. Could it just be a basic lack of knowledge on their part about Atheist in general or do they really think that quoting scripture will be so powerful as to bring us around. Also I am curious if people have seen this from other religions do Jew's and Muslim's do this with there holy books as well.       

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To christians, and even people of other faiths are compelled to quote scripture because it is the most powerful tool in their arsenal. They are so brainwashed that they truly believe the bible is the word of god and when they read it to themselves it is so powerful and uplifting and full of meaning. So they think it should have the same effect on everyone. That's why indoctrination is so scary, people believe and are compelled to share their own beliefs because they are so caught up in lies. 

They read scripture because they think it's powerful to us too, and they must be flabbergasted when we don't  immediately convert. 

I must say it's funny when they do it they deliver there key quote and look at you like they have just rocked your world and your eyes are now open. I guess it just never occurs to them that in our eyes any Biblical reference is meaningless to them it is absolute truth so I guess it makes sense  that they would think it would sway us as well. 

I've always wondered the same thing. I have no idea. It gets more strange the more you think about it.

Yeah, because what do they thinks going to happen? Do they actually think they're going to convert us?

Christians love to quote scriptures to atheists because they are  instructed to spread the gospel/word of God and that scripture is the literal word of God. Also, many Christians are taught that the word of God is a kind of weapon which can be used to conquer the workings of the devil and help reveal the truth, which is that Jesus has risen to save your bad ass atheist soul.


Many Christians believe when they quote scripture word for word, there is extra protection from an onslaught from the devil which they would be expecting when they knowingly talk to an atheist.


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