I think it is obvious that Christianity has become mostly benign and secularized for the most part and I don't see Christians subjugating their women and executing gays in the ways that take place in the Islamic world due to the quran and Hadith (the Hadith is the so-called writings of the prophet and his followers in which Islamic Shariah law is based from); but I see too many atheists tending to bash Christianity and giving excuses for Islam. Why is this so when according to the Islamic faith, we atheists are "kafar" should be the first ones killed before the Christians and Jews (especially me, since I am an apostate since I was "born" a Muslim); therefore, why do atheists tend to give excuses for the true evils of the Islamic faith??


Jesus Christ as a symbol (whether he was a real person or not) is a much better role model than the child molesting, murderous, and evil "prophet" called Muhammad. The Bible doesn't demand governments to be Christian but the Quran demands that all governments be Islamic by nature and the punishments are much more bizarre. In Islam, you can not even ask any questions about Muhammad or Allah but Christians and Jews are able to debate within themselves and ask questions. When a cartoon is drawn or a quran is burnt you see how savagely Muslims act throughout the world and those who are "moderate" instead of condemning the barbaric acts blame the "Salman Rushdie's" or the "Pastor" instead of placing blame on the perpetrators and culture of violence in the Islamic world. So why is it, that Christianity is often (in my opinion) overly criticized and Islam is not criticized enough when the gravest threat to the existence of the human race is surely an Islamic regime with nuclear weapons?? I'd like to get your opinions..

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"And it has nothing to do with "holding down a government job in Iran".

Of course not to close to danger, you will stay in the west. You are about others doing the heavy lifting while you tell us how to think, fear will be good for business.

How the hell do you know what I may want to do for a career? You are quick to make assumptions about things you have no clue about.
Great post. I will respond to you shortly.

I gotta admit - I am a little perplexed. 

I have always described my attitude toward ALL religions as equal opportunity intolerance for bullshit.  And I really do stand by that.


I have not, nor have I ever seen anyone I know, make excuses for islam as a special case.  Or any other relgiion for that matter.


The closest I have ever seen is atheists who were not well versed stating so and not proceeding.  But I have never excused bad behavior in any religion no matter how much it's members whine blub and cry about it.  Bad behavior is bad behavior wherever you come from, whatever you wear and whatever you speak.  When I encounter someone, I expect a certain base level of respect, and I offer same.  I also hold them and their affiliated groups to a behavioral standard.  Don't keep up the standard, loose the respect. 

I am sure that every religious appologist will try to claim I am targetting their own personal brand of mass delusion, but that's because they don't believe in the other delusion their neighbour holds that gets the same treatment.

I have been a little busy so I haven't been on here for a couple of days but I will respond to your replies shortly.
I guess primarily Islam people will kick ur ass if you make fun of their god and no atheist is a matyr. Islam is untame and uncultered way of conversion but seriously give christianity back enough power and it will be the dark ages all over again as I read in one atheist book the creationists wanted to take over science, the one thing that stopped the dark ages.
It's more important to hit christianity my god they've done much worse I mean 1500 yrs is a big deal and Islam will eventually die out it's so unpopular you know, it's conversion rate is decimal (come into another religious country and taking over).

It's more important to hit christianity my god they've done much worse I mean 1500 yrs is a big deal and Islam will eventually die out it's so unpopular you know, it's conversion rate is decimal (come into another religious country and taking over).

Um, I'm sorry? Christianity has done much worse and "Islam will eventually die out because it's so unpopular"? News flash: Islam is the fastest growing religion.


To compare: while creationists try but they know will be unsuccessful to push creationism in schools; that is the way it is naturally in Islamic countries. Evolution being taught? AHA! lol. You cannot question things or else you might be seen as an apostate.

wtf, oh my lord jesus this guy has a point: confirmed by google islam is growing and it's a pissed religion. I've gotta do something about this, have any suggestions that don't include showing a muslim a cartoon of muhhamad..


But Jesus is a pretty good jolly peaceful fellow compared to the murderer, pedophile and rapist known as Muhammmad. He was a man of the sword and by the sword in contrast to the symbol of Jesus (whether he was a real person or not).

And with Jews, at least they can question and debate their god. Muslims have no right to even gaze at their god. It is no surprise that the Jewish people have a high % of atheists and they have produced the world's greatest scientists such as Einstein and Freud.

PS:/ the bible is made up of more than jesus
i know but the New Testament isn't as violent as the Old Testament. We just need to put things into their proper perspectives. The New Testament is mostly a book of love.


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