I think it is obvious that Christianity has become mostly benign and secularized for the most part and I don't see Christians subjugating their women and executing gays in the ways that take place in the Islamic world due to the quran and Hadith (the Hadith is the so-called writings of the prophet and his followers in which Islamic Shariah law is based from); but I see too many atheists tending to bash Christianity and giving excuses for Islam. Why is this so when according to the Islamic faith, we atheists are "kafar" should be the first ones killed before the Christians and Jews (especially me, since I am an apostate since I was "born" a Muslim); therefore, why do atheists tend to give excuses for the true evils of the Islamic faith??


Jesus Christ as a symbol (whether he was a real person or not) is a much better role model than the child molesting, murderous, and evil "prophet" called Muhammad. The Bible doesn't demand governments to be Christian but the Quran demands that all governments be Islamic by nature and the punishments are much more bizarre. In Islam, you can not even ask any questions about Muhammad or Allah but Christians and Jews are able to debate within themselves and ask questions. When a cartoon is drawn or a quran is burnt you see how savagely Muslims act throughout the world and those who are "moderate" instead of condemning the barbaric acts blame the "Salman Rushdie's" or the "Pastor" instead of placing blame on the perpetrators and culture of violence in the Islamic world. So why is it, that Christianity is often (in my opinion) overly criticized and Islam is not criticized enough when the gravest threat to the existence of the human race is surely an Islamic regime with nuclear weapons?? I'd like to get your opinions..

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The ones who are killing innocent Afghans, NATO and American soldiers in Afghanistan along with the jihadists in Iraq. Didn't you call them "legitimate resistant fighters"?

And it's funny how you try to frame things without facts (i.e. "we lazily call Taliban but aren't and consist mostly of Afghan peasants") quite comical, truly comical.

You really do not know what you are talking about, which is too bad. I do suggest you read the book of Syed Saleem Shahzad. You probably don't know who he was, since it is very unlikely you are a reader of the Asia Times, but you really should consider reading it. He was murdered for it. I practically guarantee you it'll halt even you right there on the black/white thing.
I know about Syed Saleem Shahzad - the guy who was recently kidnapped and murdered by either the ISI or Al Qaeda, right? Again, you have denied you support jihadists. That was the original point I made to you.

Yes, so you probably should be interested because superficially it might fit just inside your ideological horizon. It is not apologetic to say the least.

You might therefore be more receptive to receive a dose of political realism. Once you have that in your system you will be more likely to be less certain and perhaps even start to realize that there are different perspectives to the same thing to be understood in the world. Especially so in politics.

It will be such a huge improvement.

I am a blind jihadi ISI agent who forbids you to criticize Islam to your heart's content. Still haven't seen anyone comparing Islam to Christianity favorably though. You apparently haven't either and have to exaggerate greatly even to counter a point I didn't make.

I wasn't responding to you Mike. I was responding to another poster. i saw your link and I appreciate it. It was a link to another thread and video by Sam Harris. I never criticized you; I thank you for your link.
My fault.

Well, I think its because christianity has a lot more presence than islam on the western part of the world, and since the majority of western atheist used to be christian, or some derivative form of christianism, they know more about christianism and have more arguments against it.

And I guess that most of the comments that youve read about christianism and islam were written by western atheist...


Because christians are handy. if I had a mosque on every corner, like we have jesus camps and brainwashing stations here in kansas city, I might direct it that way. I've only met a handful of muslims, mormons and JW. Doesn't change the fact that they are all wrong.
We give excuses for Muslims are you kidding me. I would really like to know how your brain works because you spew so much hatred for a religion you have claimed you were in the past. I don't get it! I was a raised as an Roman Catholic do I hate Catholicism.I read Rushdies book in I think 86-87 also Not Without my Daughter I met Betty Mahmoody she to this day doesn't hate Iran or the religion that her husband pushed her into.He turned back to Islam because the Americans he was working with damn the country he was born.I saw in 1980 want to KILL Any F ing Iranian. And you want to say that Islam is the only violent religion. Try being from any Eastern country in 1980 my husband had death threats from both of my CATHOLIC brothers. Isee people the way they are,not the religion they are. We have good and bad in every religion. The United States was the only country that has used Nuclear Power for bad.A "Christian"country.


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