I think it is obvious that Christianity has become mostly benign and secularized for the most part and I don't see Christians subjugating their women and executing gays in the ways that take place in the Islamic world due to the quran and Hadith (the Hadith is the so-called writings of the prophet and his followers in which Islamic Shariah law is based from); but I see too many atheists tending to bash Christianity and giving excuses for Islam. Why is this so when according to the Islamic faith, we atheists are "kafar" should be the first ones killed before the Christians and Jews (especially me, since I am an apostate since I was "born" a Muslim); therefore, why do atheists tend to give excuses for the true evils of the Islamic faith??


Jesus Christ as a symbol (whether he was a real person or not) is a much better role model than the child molesting, murderous, and evil "prophet" called Muhammad. The Bible doesn't demand governments to be Christian but the Quran demands that all governments be Islamic by nature and the punishments are much more bizarre. In Islam, you can not even ask any questions about Muhammad or Allah but Christians and Jews are able to debate within themselves and ask questions. When a cartoon is drawn or a quran is burnt you see how savagely Muslims act throughout the world and those who are "moderate" instead of condemning the barbaric acts blame the "Salman Rushdie's" or the "Pastor" instead of placing blame on the perpetrators and culture of violence in the Islamic world. So why is it, that Christianity is often (in my opinion) overly criticized and Islam is not criticized enough when the gravest threat to the existence of the human race is surely an Islamic regime with nuclear weapons?? I'd like to get your opinions..

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Obviously you failed to respond to the information and sources I have provided so I assume you are conceding on this point? In fact, it is quite unique that the profile of Islamic terrorists tends not to be from "poor or depraved backgrounds due to socioeconomic distress".
a lot of christians are afraid an islamic individual or friend will hurt them and are reluctant to speak out
What you see as going easy on Islam is really us reacting to christian special pleading.. Christian says Blah blah blah Islam is stupid.. We say well if you think about it this way it makes just as much sense as your religion..
I agree, all religion is illogical and irrational. I have never stated otherwise.


We hear your fear, not only on this thread but many others, so what conclusion should we draw from your fear,  what should be done?

Are we to bomb all Islamic countries for their own good like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya? You have explained how these people would rather be killed by the west, that they are better off. What would you like to see being done?

Again it begs the question, what would you have us do?
I am going to sleep right now so I will respond further when I wake up but first and foremost: call Islam for what it is and not to give excuses to the intolerable behavior of Muslims. And to stay the course and fight the war on terror. Liberation of Iran will eventually be necessary. And your response is stupid "rather be killed by the west"; no, they rather be liberated of tyrants and terrorists (particularly Iranians who would put forth a complete secular democracy). I already know where you stand from past discussions; you tend to be on the side of jihadists away from the liberations and freedoms of people away from tyranny and oppression. But first and foremost: to let Muslims know that they must adopt to minimum levels of human rights if they are to be participators in the international arena with the west.

You will not find any where I support jihad nor do I have any love for any religion. You have a number of times stated to the effect that the people in Iraq and Afghanistan welcome the western occupation of their countries and that we are not killing as many of them as their governments are.

You are right that I do point out the actions of west in other parts of the world are less about freeing those people and more about taking their resources. The west uses Islam as the excuse to justify what we are doing in that region. Bin Laden was trained by the west to fight the USSR, Hussein was our man when fighting Iran. We trained and armed them, if they used the weapons we supplied them against their own people we stood by and watched and 20 years later used it as part of the excuse to invade.

So as the west kills100s of thousands in the near east in the name of freedom, do you think we will have more or less Jihadists?

I'm not arguing if Islam is violent or not, it is violent and I find it repugnant, but the idea that the west is benign is to just ignore the facts.

I want to hear your plan to get Islam to stop it's violent ways while the west continues to take it's resources and backs the regions dictators.

Again, if you had to take sides, you have always provided justifications for the actions of Islamists. And you always want to use history to judge present current day politics. As I have said time and time again, it is great to learn from history but not to live in it. We are in the year 2011. It is irrelevant if we supported Bin Laden against the USSR when discussing present day politics. It is relevant to point out why the Taliban became powerful and filled the vacuum - we left Afghanistan after the Soviet war instead of supporting the Afghan people in rebuilding their country. We are doing so now - and you are the 1st one that would demand that we should pull all of our troops out now in what would very likely result in a situation such as the one that happened after the Soviet-Afghan war.

And your premise is false, we are not in the region to "take resources". In the long run, if we support freedom to people who demand freedom living under oppression, there will be less jihadists. It is no surprise that right after 9/11 Bin Laden enjoyed the support of the vast majority of the Islamic world. Now (and even before he was killed) the Muslim world saw what Bin Laden and Al Qaeda truly was and no longer supported them. Do you think this would have been the result without the liberation of Afghanistan and our policies in the region?

But we are going off track...let's get back to the original point and I will post what I think is the solution on a fresh response.

You are unable to put anything into context other than the prejudice you are ascribing today.

Again what is your solution to the problem of Islam? After you ask them to play nice and they don't, what is the solution? Do you want to bomb more of them to set them free? We are waiting with bated breath for your solution.


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