It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

ADMIN EDIT: Mercedes has left on her own accord. This discussion will remain, however do not expect a response from the author. 


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"The Cathedral suicide somes to be another very sad low in the ongoing theist tirade against the creeping decay in their accepted 'valued' talking points."

Sad low? 

I think it was the appropriate response, honestly. 

If you can't live in a world with equality, then please see yourself out. 

Mind you, the public setting was a distasteful choice in my mind, but eh. That's the last mess he'll ever make. 

The Notre Dame suicide brings back an all-but-forgotten memory.

I entered college a Catholic and left it an agnostic. Before my change, a fellow student demanded that when the chapel wasn't in use that the doors be locked. Asked his reason, he said a couple might enter some evening and copulate at the altar.

In Paris, a hard-right Catholic went that fearsome imaginary couple one better. One news article said his world came apart when France lost her colonies in Africa and Asia.

Hm-mm, France lost SE Asia and America tried to win it. Result, a disaster.

It seems Ms Merc has stopped responding to our infinite questions and retorts... 

That could possibly be because three days ago, she announced she was leaving TA --

Rest In Peace  Mercedes. :)

So farewell, then
Mercedes Page
Briefly your thread
Was all the rage
In one hand, bible
The other, keyboard
Yet all our questions
You ignored
Perhaps you'll think
If you are able,
Ponder the lack
Of Truth in Fable
We who remain
May never know
If you were really
Troll or Poe.

Oh man.  Where's the "Like" button???


Have I told you how awesome you are, lately?

I think we who remain can be pretty confident she was the real deal. A troll, getting the rise Mercedes got with her simple and challengingly sincere question, would stick around a good while longer for the fireworks. A Poe, too, would get off on the laughs. Mercedes appeared and bowed out so quickly because, within just a few days, she realized she was way out of her cognitive depth and because she much prefers the warm, sandy shallows, where she does not have to tread water, worry about big, toothsome fish, and fret about how far she is from the comforts of beach blanket and Christian radio station.

I agree, Don, but here's thing - sometimes we get some real trolls on here - I recall two guys, "Michael" and "Angelo," who backed each other up, probably from the same dorm room in some Christian college - and they, and those like them, deserve all of the ridicule we can heap on them. But sometimes, we get a genuine "innocent," for lack of a better term, who is so convinced of "god" and "Jeeesus," that they come on the board simply because they can't understand why we can't see what is so obvious to them. This kind can learn something, if we will be patient with them, and educate them as we would a child, but those who are abrasive to them run them off, as convinced as they ever were that we're not playing with a full deck. And some of us aren't.

I think you're right, arch, and I think the level of contempt she encountered was, in part, what caused Mercedes to bail.  Engaged less witheringly, she might have lasted here longer, but, again (as you said, I think), such exchanges as these seldom have much effect on the challenged and challenging believer.  It's the lurkers and others looking on who stand to gain by the back-and-forth--and many do, I'm sure.


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