It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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I suppose it does.

Some minds haven't been trained to consider, "due diligence," - if it was the theist's way, to do due diligence, there would be far fewer theists. The caliber of her questions and responses led me to believe she was one of the less equipped.

This leaves me to wonder if you really found her "capable of giving much more than she did," or if you expected more of her than she was capable of giving.

RE: "It seems to me she got a bit flustered and wasn't prepared to articulate her views when challenged."

It seems to me, you're proving my point.

RE: "I just need her to set herself on more solid footing before we can truly dialog."

I read that as saying that she needs to learn to speak your language, before you can converse, without considering that possibly you should learn to speak hers.

Or, perhaps what you write reveals more about you than you realize.

Right! Wasn't following so didn't see that.

It is difficult to imagine a theist showing up here and expecting to be treated kindly. Yes, there is the social thing between men and women but this is not a dating site. Public debate is what it is.

Read and see how polite folks are here.

Public debate can be gentle and instructive, or it can be antagonistic - which do you think is more beneficial to all concerned?

The very fact that it is a debate makes it antagonistic on both sides. How antagonistic depends upon the parties.

Apparently we have different debating styles.

There are indeed two debating styles.

The best known style might be named Courtroom Debate. At about the time of the Civil War, lawyers developed it to train themselves to prevail in courtrooms.

A lesser-known style might be named Legislative Debate. I first saw it about about thirty years ago when visiting a San Francisco college prep high school. Its purpose is to train people to function in legislative bodies where the goal is to develop policies. One big difference is that debaters may change sides.

The Repubs in Congress? They flunked the course but didn't let failure stop them.

I don't think I was harsh with her.
I went out of my way to be as nice and patient as i could be.


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