It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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I have looked in vain for any place in the bible where it says it is true. Did you really find such a claim?

it's no ordinary book. It's many books written over centuries all pointing to Krishna as Lord.

I think that would be youtube. Home to propagande of every type you can imagine. And some you would rather not.

Holy, please don't insert your enthusiasms into the minds of five-year-olds.

In years of volunteerism at San Francisco Sex Information (, I personally answered hundreds of five year olds who asked ONLY "How do people make babies?"

We regularly asked if they had any other questions and they regularly replied "No."

Six- and seven-year-old kids didn't call, suggesting validity in Freud's latency period.

Eight-year-old callers, sometimes in teams passing the (land line) phone to each other, asked questions we mere mortals were unable to imagine.

I remember going through that phase - I kept weighing my choices: "Blind? - Horny?" - "Blind - Horny?" So I finally stocked up on tin cups and pencils.

I still don't know where I found the balls to ignore the nuns' constant warnings that self abuse is a mortal sin and I would go to Hell.

I've heard those Nuns can be really strict --

I think that most of us have faith (!) that religion will slowly erode away on its own, based on its own lack of merit.  I don't think that many of us are interested in actively "recruiting" children to our cause through the same brainwashing tactics employed by the "other side" (that we often strongly deride).

That's why the separation of Church and State is so important - parents are free to teach their faith-based beliefs in the home or place of religious instruction, while schools are left free to teach facts.

Holy (you do seem dedicated to the cause of a new holy writ), ....

'Nuf said.

Holo, Jean Piaget and others have done research to learn what kinds of decisions children make as they grow up. Piaget explained his reasons for studying children when they were not accompanied by adults.

Do you have any info that supports your Children don't make up their own minds, adults do?

Just to add my own personal observations to that, Tom, I know that children - especially if their parents have given them reason to trust them - will buy into many, if not most of the opinions their parents hold, including religion, but at the same time, I know that they can, and do, hold opinions contrary to those of their parents on some matters.

Unfortunately, many parents do not encourage independent thought, taking some kind of validation/satisfaction in watching their children grow into little clones of themselves.


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