It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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We're supposed to revere him because he made us. We do the same thing with the things we create. We make a car and we drive it, we breed dogs and we train them, why wouldn't the God of the universe ask for reverence? 

We're supposed to revere him because he made us. We do the same thing with the things we create. We make a car and we drive it, we breed dogs and we train them, why wouldn't the God of the universe ask for reverence?

Indeed, why wouldn't the all-powerful sky monster torture you for eternity unless you don't?

How does that prove God exists, Mercedes?

eternity is a small part of God's promises to us.

The difference being if i buy a dog and it decides it likes my sister more than me i dont end up sending it away to be tortured for eternity, and if i did it wouldmake me a psychopath

Here, we see the theist perform an exciting manouver: The side-step. When a theist is out of their natural habitat and struggling to survive, they use this manouver to avoid being overwhelmed by logic.


...we require reverence from our vehicles? I don't think I've ever made anything and expected it to revere me. Dogs are pretty reverent, but cats sure as hell aren't. I like cats better, and I like them better because they're independent. I don't need to be worshiped. And I do find it kinda pathetic that the alleged GOD OF THE UNIVERSE would need/require worship. He seems to be over-compensating for something.

My car can go to Hell, or better yet, I will give it to my youngest daughter.  Her name means "Destroyer of Cell Phones and Cars" in Native american.  I swear!

@Cara Coleen;

"He seems to be over-compensating for something."

The doG of the universe has a very small penis.  I know it's true because I read it in an dusty old book...proof. :D

it's a two way relationship of love, I think

No, Mercedes.

I demand that you love me, and I will love you back too, but if you don't love me, I will torture you for all eternity.

That is an abusive relationship, not a loving one. Forcing love on someone, as I have said on one of your other comments in a different post, is called rape.

If he loved us, he'd leave us alone. FOREVER.

Mercedes, I get the impression that you're very young and very naive, and I certainly have no desire to convert you to anything, but I would encourage you to think for yourself, to forget what anyone tells you, and to actually read the book, every single page.

My guess is, that in whatever church you belong to, they gloss over the Old Testament as much as possible, and concentrate mostly on the New, and even more than that, specifically on the letters of Paul, generally because Paul says the kinds of things that most Christians would rather hear.

The Old Testament is full of Yahweh telling the Israelis who to kill, including women and children, whereas the New Testament is all about love and forgiveness. There's little wonder most churches would rather not let their sheep look too closely at a god that encourages the murder of innocent women and children, who personally kills people left and right - I can't imagine they could expect a great deal of new converts, based on following a bloodthirsty, murderous god, so they turn to Paul for sunshine and lollipops. This would be the Paul who never met Yeshua, yet claims to know all about him, including what he wants you to do.

I can understand that you want to believe in SOMEthing, I do, but I suggest you try believing first in yourself, then in your fellow man and the goodness that resides in most of us, and leave the fairy tales to children.



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