It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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they made up the story of a Roman census that required all of the male Jews to travel to the city of their birth, to be counted. The Romans never had such a census, it was all made up by the writers of the Bible who wanted to make it look like Yeshua was the promised Messiah.

What makes it worse even than you are portraying here, Archae, is that ONLY Luke mentions the Census.  Matthew implicitly assumes Jesus' parents lived in Bethlehem in the first place and were forced to relocate due to Herod's slaying of the infants.  When Herod kicked the bucket they contemplated returning to Bethlehem (why, if they were only there because of a census) but decided that his successor was just as bad, so they decided to give up on Bethlehem and go to Galilee.

In other words, Mercedes, the two nativity stories are very different, they contradict each other, and because of this fact it's evident they were made up completely to cover for an alleged Messiah, that rather awkwardly came from the wrong place (Galilee, not Bethlehem).

Now that's all evidence from the Bible itself --a source you assert to be reliable-- against it being true.

eso si es chistoso!

Creo que sí - pero es mas verdad de que la biblia --

No speakada spic.

Archie Bunker? I thought you were dead. At least I hoped --

I'm surprised you'd even say that, Matt - many members here are bilingual, some multilingual - Oyango Makagutu, for example, speaks his native Luo, as well as Swahili and English. This site is dedicated to those who reach out beyond what they were brought up with, and that would include language as well as religion.

Es tut mir leid, mein Herr. Does Klingon count? Actually a buddy of mine working on his second Cuban wife used that line when she was saying things he didn't want to hear. I do know un pocolito spic and can order Cevaza in a dozen languages even if I can't spell it. I consider ordering vin in a dozen other languages to be cheating. Then there is a choice selection of Russian insults I can't transliterate and Catholic HS Latin and a smattering of ancient Egyptian and Aramaic. And I consider myself real piss poor at languages.

I doubt that anyone minds that, Matt, as much as they do ethnic slurs, such as, "spic." In the right parts of most any city, that word can get you killed.

In this case spic is short for hispanic which is a reference to a language not a person. It cannot be an ethnic slur.

If in fact the use of the word is a cause for cold-blooded murder then the ethnics who would murder have earned a lot of slurring.

There are a lot of Hispanics who would disagree with you, some violently.


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