It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

ADMIN EDIT: Mercedes has left on her own accord. This discussion will remain, however do not expect a response from the author. 


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It is, indeed, a very leading question. But look what wonderful debate it's sparked! More fun for us than for Mercedes, I'm sure.

Personally, I think Mercedes is quite likely a sweet kid, she can't help the way she was raised, any more than she can help trusting the beliefs of those who raised her - weren't most of us there once?

We were much kinder and more tolerant toward Belle Rose/Sarah/Jessica, when she first came here, and I'm sure she will agree with that. Let's give Mercedes a chance to learn from us, rather than turn her off with our criticism.

Well said. If she was indoctrinated as a child then she is a victim of child abuse and needs help not criticism.

im not the victim of abuse.


"...she is a victim of child abuse and needs help not criticism."

A truism to be sure.  But can you or I actually repair a damaged mind by with just words.............maybe.  But then 'criticism' may be a part of the procedure to repair that mind.

Once someone figures it out the word 'Atheist' will no longer be in our lexicon.  Looking forward to that day.


I recall a number of us who used kid gloves with you, because of your sincerity, knowing you were not to blame for your own indoctrination. Maybe you haven't been here long enough to see us go all school of piranha on a theist troll - it's not a pretty sight --

Belle! Scratch the "BS!" remark, something unprecedented has happened! I KNOW you're never going to believe this, but I MADE A MISTAKE! Yeah, I know, what are the odds?

I wasn't thinking of you - sorry - when I said what I did about the kid gloves - but the reason you sprang to mind, was because I was thinking of the little girl you took under your wing, because others were picking on her, but I can't recall her name.

Then a bunch of stuff happened, most of which no one knows about, because evidently, without knowing it was a no-no, you posted the state she lived in or something, then a lot of comments were deleted by the Almighty Powers That Be, and she left and never came back.

Remember? What was her name?

We treated her with kid gloves. You, yeah, we probably kicked to the curb --

BTW - we seem to have another Sarah - - is that you, or a new one? I'm SO confused!

RE: "are you just bringing up bad memories on purpose?" - no, but now that you mention it, it sounds like fun.

RE: "You don't remember? It wasn't that long ago Arch.." - true, but there are so many of you sweet, innocent little Christian girls who drop by to convert us with such inarguable logic as, "The Bible's true because it says it is!" that without a scorecard, I lose track, but it's slowly coming back to me, like much of the Seventies and select parts of the Eighties --

Its not about what I want, its about what is. What I want holds little relevance to truth and I do actually care about truth. 

I am pretty sure she is a POE

Oh Adam, I'm so sorry, I just can't help myself sometimes...

Oh my!



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