It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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@Mercedes - if god existed today, and could actually be found - he would be charged with the murder of millions of people, if you believe the bible.


I require proof, data or evidence to come to any conclusion. That's how my brain works. I could 'pretend' to believe, but that would just be to please the other people around me, that's not what's in my heart. 

The Bible is 'proof' for you, just like the Koran is 'proof' for Muslims. Why do you consider your holy book truth but not theirs? If your god is real because the Bible said so, then theirs must be, too. That's how evidence works. 

Having read the Bible (and a multitude of other documents and texts) concerning the Abrahamic religions I've found them to be the collected oral histories of an early tribal people. Comparing the 'history' of the Bible with observations of the known universe, the Bible fails on every count. No world wide flood, people weren't popped into life out of dirt, Hebrews were never slaves in Egypt and the first-borns were never murdered. 

Yes. I said murdered. 

I do require convincing, empirical evidence before I commit my life to a god that has ever demanded a blood sacrifice. 

...or asks me to damn my gay family members.

...or says I can't speak up in church.

..or says that I'm responsible for the consequences of a choice I did not make. 

Can I ask you a question?

Why are you so willing to accept the idea that you're born in sin because some woman you never met got seduced by a snake with a piece of fruit? 

Why are you so willing to follow a murdering god? 

Why are you so willing to commit your life WITHOUT evidence?

I read through much of the previous 9 pages of comments, and the dead horse is now well-beaten from both sides, so I don't want to just re-hash anything that has already been said.

But I do want to point out one thing, at least that applies to me.

I don't require proof that God exists, and I don't believe that most other atheists do, either.  It is just something some of us throw out at believers to shut them down, to be honest.  We know that there is no proof, so we know that demanding that they come up with some will (hopefully) get them to either see the light, or to shut up about  Sure, I can't really speak for all of my fellow non-believers, but i'm sure this applies to many of them.

Unfortunately, all of the "proof" that most believers can bring up, we do not see as undeniable.  In our eyes, the Bible is just a book, of unreliable origins, that is so full of contradictions and unverifiable claims that it simply can't be accepted as fact.  Not even when it says so itself!

And everything else just falls flat.  All of the other "proofs" require a belief to begin with.  The universe was created by God!  That's evidence that he exists!  Well, sure, but only if you already believe in God, and that he created the universe.  If you don't, that just sounds like silly circular logic.


Why don't you believe in Allah and the Quran? The Quran is the correct word of Allah and absolute truth. So why don't you believe the Quran?

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."


"What can asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."

I think those two statements should answer you question at least in my case.

Just as you would ask for proof that an airplane you are boarding is safe (the safety record of the airline) one should naturally demand proof that a book and the authority it is based on is provable and is worth following before you freely give up your own free will and autonomy. I would never get on a plane belonging to Somalian Airlines and I would never swallow the text of an outlandish story before exceptional and rigorous evidence was presented. You are doomed if you accept whatever people tell you. The more incredible the claim the stronger the evidence should be. The more you must give up in order to embrace the idea...the more exceptional and air tight the evidence should be.

If you think your afterlife will be better than your current life you're not really living. You're just waiting to die.

succinct & full of truth..... 

Which God? There are so many I don't believe in.

What I don't understand is why you would ask this question. You couldn't have possibly thought you'd be pleased with the response? I wouldn't create a profile on a religious website, but I suppose atheists don't impose their opinions on others.

@Kris Feenstra;

Great point!

But as I think about it that presupposes a rational reasoning mind, which isn't the mind of a person who 'believes' in a deity.

What I don't understand is why you would ask this question. You couldn't have possibly thought you'd be pleased with the response? I wouldn't create a profile on a religious website, but I suppose atheists don't impose their opinions on others.

A lot of atheists are former theists.

You never know. ;)


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