It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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That's kinda scary, Mercedes, because the god of the Bible informs us that his name is 'Yahweh," and his first commandment is, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me," yet here you are, saying that Yeshua (Jesus) is your god - how do you think the old man is going to like that?

I think I can anticipate your response: "But Yahweh and Yeshua (Jesus) are the same entity --" To which I must ask, then who was Yeshua pleading with, on his knees in the Garden of Gethsemane, to, "let this cup pass from me," and finally conceding, "not my will but thine be done"? Was he talking to himself? Who would have the ability to let him off the hook, except someone or something more powerful than himself? In other passages (which I haven't time to look up), Yeshua states that he has no power, except that which is given him by his father - how could that be, if they were one?

You see, that's the problem with blindly believing what you're told, rather than thinking for yourself. A bunch of bishops got together in 325 AD, in Turkey, at what has come to be known as the Council of Nicea, and debated the nature of the Yahweh/Yeshua relationship. Many believed that Yahweh, Yeshua and the "Holy Spirit" were three separate entities, but much like our modern-day Congresses and Parliments, enough arms were twisted, enough under-the-table promises were made, that finally, the majority of the group voted that like the oil, the entities were 3-in-1.

So your belief, that, "Jesus is the one true God," is based on nothing found in the Bible, but rather information that has been passed down to you from a bunch of old men, attending a conference in the Middle East, 1700 years ago, but like everything else in the Bible, instead of thinking for yourself and actively researching it, reading opinions both pro and con, you choose to believe what you're told. I'll admit, life is certainly simpler that way --

I forgot to explain why you not only presented faulty evidence, but also why your answer to the 3 scenarios is faulty as well.

Here we go.

I believe Jesus is the one true God.


I did not ask what you believe. I asked for you to use logic, probability and reasoning skills to tell me which one of the 3 was the most LIKELY to be true. Not which you believe to be true.

See, Mercedes, that is the issue we have when we ask theists for any evidence. The evidence they present is always based around believing, feelings and faith. All very personal things that may vary from one individual to the next, thus making them unimportant in these situations.

As the saying goes, the truth doesn't care what you believe. It will be true whether you like it or not.

Besides the Bible there's also a lot of miracles that happen. That is also proof i think.

Miracles DON'T HAPPEN. Once something is explained, it's explained. Up till then it's awaiting explanation. 

When I was a kid, it wasn't understood how bumblebees could possibly fly. We didn't think it was a miracle brought about by God, but something that simply hadn't been explained yet. 

Of course, the first thing one has to do when confronted with a so-called "miracle," is to ask "Really?" Like, Jesus fed a huge multitude with a few fish and loaves of bread? He exorcised demons and chased them into pigs and drove the hapless pigs over a precipice, killing them?


Miracles? My dad recently had a rather severe heart attack. He was in ICU and in a coma for 2 weeks. He pulled out of it with no brain damage and has made a full recovery after a couple months.

Is that a miracle? No it isn't. 

My mother was home when this happened, she knows CPR and knew enough CPR to keep his blood moving until the EMTs arrived. Doctors at the local hospital are smart and capable enough to know that his situation is far worse than the local doctors can provide and immediately moved him to a facility that can treat him properly.

There is no miracle here. Doctors are the product of the scientific community. CPR is based on medical science and fact. My mothers CPR training is based on scientific observation in the field she works in. 

If religion superseded scientific knowledge and fact, my father would have died and it would have been "God's will". Funny thing though, is that somehow it's still "God's will" to have given him a dead for 3 minutes heart attack and then bringing him back to life putting our family through misery for nearly 2 weeks.

And this i suppose is an example of a miracle from your loving God?

When your Bible was written, something like a Tsunami would have been a miracle - it just happened, nobody had seen it before - had to be some sort of miracle  Now we know exactly how and why they happen. The vast majority of miracles turn out to have scientific explanations. Are there still things we don't understand? Of course. Does that make them miracles? 

thanx for your reply Milos. it was very informative and I learned from it.

You're welcome. I'm glad it helped, and I really recommend checking out the links I posted in my reply, they are good information and may further help answer your questions.

I will answer your 3 replies in this one post for the same reason as above.

I believe in HIm because he's revealed himself to me through his Son Jesus Christ. He's all the proof I need. I have a personal relationship with him and he's comforted me many times.

Sadly, this was the answer I expected to see, and hoped not to. You proved the whole point of my laughably long post in your reply here.

I asked you to "please, if you can, answer without using the bible, or god as evidence. What worldly, observable, testable evidence do you have to support your god over any other god?"

Your reply in summary was "I believe in god because I believe in god. And Jesus, bible and miracles."

You were unable to answer my question the way I asked you to answer and you defaulted to the last template reply that every theist gives when they have no answer to give, as I have stated in my previous reply. Feelings, personal experience, and a holy book can be applied in the exact same way to any other deity that has existed in our history. Therefore none of those things can be used as evidence, simply because in order to accept personal experience, faith, Jesus, the bible, or miracles as evidence, you already need to believe in the thing you are trying to prove real.

If I tell you that Zeus is the one true god, and I say that lightning is proof of Zeus, that I have had a personal experience with Zeus and that he comforts me, that the ancient stories of Zeus are also evidence of his existence, does that make Zeus real?
I just listed the same reasons you believe in Yahweh/Yeshua/Ghost as reasons that I believe in Zeus. Does that make Zeus any more real now? I don't think so, and neither do you.

When you say that you believe in something because you have a "personal relationship" and it is "comforting", you are telling us that you believe in this because it makes you feel good, whether or not it is real. Once again. Mercedes, in the real world, feelings don't add up to dick as evidence. What court of law would release a murderer simply because the jury "feels" he is innocent?

Besides the Bible there's also a lot of miracles that happen

I have already established why the bible is not proof of anything in my long reply to you. The glaring inconsistency between gospels and between gospels and verified history and science dismisses the bible as any form of evidence. Especially when, once again, any ancient religion with a holy book can claim that their book is proof of their deity.

As for miracles, they can easily be given over to chance instead of divine intervention. Diseases often go into remission, it is a scientific fact, no god needed, weird, crazy good things happen all the time to a lot of people, some bad people. Why would god reward bad people with a miracle? And a lot of bad things happen. A lot of prayers for miracles go unanswered as well.
Miracles can easily be attributed to confirmation bias (you forget the misses and only remember the hits), spontaneous remission (cancer going away on its own), or just probability (it was bound to happen to someone eventually), and very often to deception and lies. Many "confirmed" miracles have been exposed as tricks and lies by the people who claimed the miracle as genuine in order to "prove" their particular god.

For every miracle you attribute to Jesus, a Muslim can attribute to Allah, a Hindu to any of their pantheon, and other people will attribute them to aliens, or ghosts or whatever else they believe in.

Something I would be shocked with and would consider a possible miracle would be if a man with no legs, spontaneously grew his legs back in front of a team of scientists on live TV. But there have never been any miracles that involve growing back limbs. Especially since the camera was invented.

You see where I am going here?

All of the things you presented as evidence in your answers to my two questions are not evidence at all. And even though, in my above post, I explained in meticulous detail why these things are not evidence, and asked for any other kind of proof, you still presented me with the same dead horse that religious people have beaten into an unrecognizable puddle of mangled flesh, broken bones and pulped organs.

I really encourage you to think about these things very hard. Write down on a piece of paper all the reasons you have to believe in your god, and then ask yourself, how many of these can be attributed to any of the other 2875 gods in our history, and how many can be explained by simple chance or deception.

After you do that, ask yourself, why do I really believe in this?

Milos, RE: "the same dead horse that religious people have beaten into an unrecognizable puddle of mangled flesh, broken bones and pulped organs" - you DO have a way with word-paintings --

RE: "That made me smile...sigh." - one could ask for no greater reward.

Being an Atheist is not merely a choice. Many Atheists had a religion of some sort, before they started on a road of enquiry, research, reading of the bible, discovering of violence and hypocrisy. Then when researching, find out where the myths and stories of the bible originally came from, out of the heads of superstitious uneducated people.

By your rules, if you don't 'believe' in god, jesus or the holy ghost, you will go to hell. That is actually blackmail. Very sad to have to live a life like that.

god is not loving, he is hateful, vindictive, and violent. Read your own bible, it is all there.

Show me something that god has done in the last two thousand years.

Has he stopped children starving to death, has he stopped war, has he stopped famine, why did he make a screw worm that gets into the eye of a human being, and burrows into the brain. A very long, slow, painful death.

Why didn't god stop that man from rape and torture of the three girls in cleveland. God had ten years to do something, but did nothing, while the girls were having babies to this evil man.

There were many prayers said for them when they disappeared. Why did your everloving god not stop that man, or alert authories, by his usual method of talking in someones head. Have you heard god in your head, so why didn't he talk to you?

The reason - he doesn't exist.


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