It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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Yes, you are certainly correct, but I cannot engage in wild speculation. I can only report what I factually know.  Other psychological scientists have come up with varying numbers however the median still seems to be about 40%.

You must realize that only the intellectually advanced are likely to shirk the boundaries of the effective social brainwashing that is religion. That leaves many who will only become damaged fools and continue to support religion within the gangs it so commonly provides.

I am so sad for those who have had their thinking processes permanently corrupted by the foolishness of religion. I wish I could assist better than I am, but it continues to be a difficult endeavor.

The invisible and the non-existent are very much alike. The bar isn't set high. It's actually set very low for theists, as they have continually failed for thousands of years to provide even ordinary evidence for their extraordinary claims. 

I think you just simply don't want to believe the evidence that there is. That's why I'm asking, why don't you.

What evidence? A bronze age book written many years after the alleged events took place is not evidence of anything. Neither is that happy warm feeling you think you get from an imaginary god.  it's all just in your head. A hallucination I'm afraid.

Why does everyone seem to get all defensive and say I'm mentally ill for believing in God? You're the second person to do that. It's kind of annoying.

Because you have an imaginary friend and can't seem to tell that it's just an imaginary friend (who you believe will torture you if you ever wake up to reality).  I'll tell you what - let's get you and another person who says they have a 'relationship' with Yahweh, put both of you in separate rooms, and ask you both some questions that you can pass along to your mutual imaginary friend.  If you both return identical answer to, say, 25 questions then we'll call that proof and declare your friend to be real.  Ok?

It's not an imaginary friend, he's the God of the universe. why are you so stuck on mental illness. Lots of people believe in God. More than don't.

Imaginary friend - and you can't even tell the difference between an imaginary friend and a relationship with a real friend.  I have a friend named Ryan and we both have a friend named Victoria.  Now, if I and Victoria get Ryan on the line and you pass each of us 25 questions to ask him, we're going to give you his answers and they'll match.  In that way you'll know that Ryan is real.

If we do the same test with you and another friend of your imaginary friend, you won't come up with the same answers because their is no one on the other end of the line - you are talking to the air.  I really can't spell it out any more clearly than that.

It doesn't matter if everyone on the planet believes a lie, it's still a lie.  Using the argument that more people "believe" than don't is immaterial (and fallacious, since more people disbelieve in any particular god than not).

And that's why you turn to illogical arguments instead of providing any actual proof: you don't have any.  Why is it so hard to understand that? If someone claimed they owned a mansion and yet were living out of a cardboard box, would you believe them or would you expect that they should provide some sort of evidence?  That's all we're doing; asking you to provide evidence for your extraordinary (and nonsensical) claims.

Bronze and Iron Age, and it continues in the Age of Information and Technology.  That is the true harm and a huge display of church greed and their uncaring attitude.  With the TRILLIONS the Catholic Church has in business investments and gold, you would thing they would provide for the unfortunate--but they do so very little and speak so hugely about their services.

Complete falseness.     

Imaginary friend - and you can't even tell the difference between an imaginary friend and a relationship with a real friend.

God is bigger than that. He shouldn't have to respond to 20 questions. He created the universe. that's plenty of proof of his existence I think.

Ok, so you admit that he doesn't talk to you -> do you still think you have a 'relationship' with him?


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