It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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I'm late to the party as usual...

It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

I used to believe in god, and went to Catholic school for a time.  The more I studied the bible, the more I realized that the god of the bible is a very poorly constructed myth, and that the Jesus myth is a poorly constructed amalgam of former gods and Jewish messianic belief.

Take time to read the bible from cover to cover, word for word.  It is a tome of scientific ignorance and moral savagery.  Never mind that there isn't a shred of evidence for the existence of gods, or a spiritual realm.  If the god of the bible actually did exist, he would be a petty, inconsistent, murderous tyrant that wouldn't be worth a shred of respect much less worship.

I expect that this question is badly formed. It should be of the form, 'Why do theists seem to need so little to believe in a god?' 

I expect that a similar question could be formed concerning magical claims, business scams, etc.

Why do christians ask for so little? Atheism is fact based, religion is superstition.

The fact that there is no evidence to support any religion so far conceived by people.  Is that not fact enough?

Hm-mm, I last visited TA several days ago, before Mercedes arrived.

Who works harder to win converts, TAers or Jehovah Witnesses?

@Holo Gram - why do you say that atheism is a religion? 

@Holo Gram;

"I didn't say that Atheism was a religion"

"To me, Atheism, a disbelief in the existence of deity, appears to be a religion."

So you're not saying it's a religion but to you it appears to be a religion, it would seem you are having difficulty making up your mind.

"Please explain why it is not."

It's already been explained ad nauseum.

I get the feeling that it should have been, "Holy Gram" --

By doG I think you hit the nail on the spiritual head. :D" class="smarterwiki-zc-image-img" alt=""/>The Sneaks, a band from New Zealand

From time to time, I get lucky - usually, I just hit my thumb.

I'm now officially ignoring HolyGram. :)

First of all, Holygram, I would certainly expect you to know that Atheists have no bibles, nor any need for any.

Secondly, I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I have no desire to convince you of anything - why would I? How would that benefit anyone, in any way?

Lastly, one would need look further than your own Judeo/Christian Bible to find all of the evidence one needs.

Theists who come on this board have, for the most part, one trait in common - they tap dance around questions. Let me put one to you, and we'll see how you do - do you believe your Bible is inerrant?

Take your time --



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