It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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So you are saying that all (including you) have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god.  This then in your belief justifies the death of innocent children of disease and starvation.  How can you live with yourself if you really believe that your imperfection provides a justification for your god to kill and maim.  You have taken on an awful burden.

So you are saying that all (including you) have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god.

It is to say that no one is like God. For us to commune with Him we must be acceptable to Him but we all fall short and yes I am also a sinner. We all are. But if we recognize our need for God and ask for Him to come to us he will. 

That is tragic. 

It is indeed.  So what's your answer?

Oh this should be good. :)

Could it be the xtian doG is racist?

He didn't pray hard enough. Or is it they he "preyed" too much?

God must have created the rules, though.  If we are all sinners, it is only because God designated certain actions as sins.  Yes, we are told that God had given us free will to do as we choose, so if we break his rules, that is our fault.

But, judging with how eager most of us seem to be to break those rules, it would seem that perhaps we are predisposed to doing so.  We're sort of "programmed" to be rule breakers.

So if he created a set of rules for us to follow, he didn't do a very good job of giving us the "tools" to follow those rules.

We've been set up to fail.

Is it some kind of test?  Is he really that sadistic?

What kind of "father" would sit his child down in front of a plate of cookies, tell the child that he is not allowed to eat any of them, then walk away to silently watch, until the child inevitably eats one of the cookies.  Then the father punishes the child for all of eternity...

Daniel, I used that same analogy in an article I wrote last year, about placing the Tree of Knowledge in the middle of the Garden, and saying, "Now don't eat any --"

Speaking of kids, imagine your two sons both came running in after school, each with a project they had made with their own two little hands. You tell one how great a job you think he's done, and the other, that his is a piece of crap. Then read the story of Cain and Able.


I have a lot of difficulty grasping someone's willingness to explain a lack of perfection as the reason for disease and starvation of millions of humans beings, especially children. It would take a very callous heart to turn away from such monumental misery. 

So, do you believe you are one of the lucky ones who happened to be exposed to the correct religion? There are hundreds of millions of religious adherents who think you are as incorrect in your belief system as you do them. There is either more than one legitimate god or many people are foolishly living a doomed existence. Either way it makes little sense when viewed from an irreligious perspective.

Don't be satisfied with what you presently know. Seek out more understanding in regard to the phenomena of worldwide religion and its development over several milennia.


I know it must seem that we're ganging up on you, Mercedes, but then you must have expected as much when you came on a recognized atheist site with a theistic agenda.

How does the excruciatingly painful, humiliating death of Yeshua (his real name, "Jesus" was only the Greek translation), if he ever existed, negate the fact that I stole a penny piece of candy from a convenience store when I was seven? Does the store owner get his candy back? How does that work, exactly?

You see, a sacrifice, where religion is concerned, is an offering to appease a god, so if you follow the logic of John 3:16, your god loved the world so much he gave his son as a sacrifice to himself - rough on the kid, certainly, but other than that, I can't see much accomplished by the act.

I love you SO much, Mercedes, that I'm going to go out and buy myself a present! Does that really make any sense?

It also doesn't speak very highly about your god's taste in gifts for himself - I'm thinking, a new robe, maybe a nice suit and tie for a change, or some cologne, but the mangled corpse of your son is just a bit over the edge, don't you think?

We have all sinned and fallens short of the glory of one is perfect. I come to terms with it by accepting that fact and knowing that Jesus has died for my sins.

Mercedes, to an atheist it sounds like you are saying that it's okay that people are victims of disease, war, murder, rape and so forth because those victims are sinners who fall short of the glory of God. And I suppose that if you are okay with non-Christians going to hell for all eternity, then a little rape or torture in this short life of ours probably doesn't seem so bad in comparison.

But I suspect that you are actually horrified by such things, or would be, if you had direct experience with them. And I'm sure you think that such things are never okay, and we should do all we can to prevent them from happening. The atheist thinks, "Why would God not do everything he could to prevent them? If he exists, he would. It seems to me more likely that he does not exist, and these things happen because it's just the way the world works, unfortunately."


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