It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

ADMIN EDIT: Mercedes has left on her own accord. This discussion will remain, however do not expect a response from the author. 


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BTW, I think you might misunderstand what the term "free will" means.  You express free will every day, in every decision you make.  Your lack of free will regarding your belief in your god is only the result of your indoctrination into the superstition that you follow.  Too be honest, I don't really understand why someone like you would choose slavery to a fairy tales over "free will" to explore the universe and learn what truth and reality is.


I admire your attempts to find a proof but I suggest that you take your references from the book of the whole world, rather than book of a small collection of tales told in a small section of that world over a small period of its history.  According to you, God created the world, and God created the Bible? Why would you, or any other Christian (or any other religious person with their own sacred texts), choose to believe a book over the whole of nature? 

@John Cook - Thank you. The most profound thing I learned from your comment to Mercedes, as an ex-catholic, is the hiring of psychologists to help with the brainwashing.

I knew they had sunk to the depths of depravity, and would go to any lengths to protect the business- but this?

Notice how the troll has never came back to answer any of the responses 

I don't think she is a troll, Adam. Poe, possibly, but I don't think she is here to troll. If she is, she is terrible at it.

I'm willing to give her the benefit of a doubt and indulge her questions just in case she may be a genuine person wanting to learn something outside of their bubble.

She did come back a few times to answer some of our posts, and has friended some of us as well.

Why are you calling me names?

Because he's insensitive, a bit short on empathy, and doesn't know any other way to express himself.

Well, the terms "troll" and "Poe" aren't really insults in the traditional sense.  They are the names that have been given to individuals on the internet who intentionally stir up trouble.

A "troll" is someone who makes comments that are aimed at getting others all worked up, for the simple pleasure of laughing at how worked up you can make everyone.  I'm sure you can see how a "troll" could be very successful by coming onto an atheist community and pretending to be someone of blind faith that simply doesn't understand the responses they get.

A "Poe" (named for the man who defined the term) is someone who enters into a fundamentalist community or its opposing camp (usually religious or political), and makes posts that are intended as a parody of the group's beliefs.  The problem is that in general, such parody so closely matches the genuine article that no one can tell that it is actually parody.  Again, perhaps you can see how your posts might be suspected of that.

In either case, the term really only applies to you if you are actually guilty of it.  And even in that case, most people would not be offended, because that's sort of their goal.

If you are not guilty of either, and you truly are genuine in your posts so far, then neither really applies to you, and you can ignore the accusations.

I have done no such thing. "Troll" isn't an insult or bad word. It's a description of someone's behavior in the internet.

I didn't call you names. I was defending your presence here. Some people were under the impression that you were here to mess with us, or that you weren't who you claim you are. I was simply defending your reasons for being here.

She's certainly capable of answering for herself, but I think, Milos, that she was referring to Adam, not you.

sorry I didn't understand what troll or poe meant. I am simply here to ask questions. If I am not welcome here then I will happily leave. It might be better.


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