It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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By the way, this is called "circular reasoning".  God is real because the bible says so and the bible is the word of god, so it must be true and it says god exist, so he must be real.  Round and round we go.  Even if every historical fact in the bible were true 9which almost none of it is), it still doesn't prove that god is real.  It would just mean that someone did a really good job of tracking history (which they didn't). 

In order to prove that god exists, a very good first step would be to prove that ANYTHING supernatural exists.  If you could prove that magic was real, that would be a good first step.  But no magic, whether it be vodo or magic from your god, has ever been proven to be real.

Why are you so desperate for us to join your cult?  Do they pay you a commission?

I don't work at a church and I'm not part of a cult.

Any group that demands you believe what your told, without evidence, for fear of punishment, and be happy about it, is a cult.  Sorry - you are a member of a cult.  Now why are you so eager for us to join?

I don't care whether you join. And no it is not a cult. 

I know they tell you that you aren't allowed to think of it as a cult.  They also tell you that other religions, with belief structures identical to your own, are cults and they force you to believe that.  It's still a cult.

Now, if you don't care if any of us join - then why are you hear?  Nothing we say makes any sense to you and it never will unless you can think your way out of the religious-psychosis that has you trapped.

Go to a good dictionary and read the definitions of cult.  All religions fit at least one of the definitions.  Christianity is a cult.  Islam is a cult.  Judaism is a cult.  All are cults in one way or another.  

You should not feel threatened by calling it a cult for that is just what it is.

A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

That's from a book too so it must be a fact.

Yes, your religion is a cult.  It's just a really, really big one.

Of course, even if you god existed I would not give up my free will. But that is besides the point. We ask for proof because any claim that is made MUST have proof. It is really amazing how the less proof something has the more adamant people are about its validity. I mean you wouldn't accept the theory of gravity if we were floating all the time would you?

You're still not answering my question though. To me there IS proof but you reject the proof so it's like you don't want to see the Bible for what it is so it just doesn't make sense to me.

He just doesn't see the Bible how you see it. You are not the ultimate authority on what is true, and I'm sorry to say neither is the Bible. You're very much stuck in a circle here.


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