It almost seems like atheists don't want to believe in God. Do you just simply not want to believe in God because you don't want to give up your own free will?

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Freewill is an illusion.  Anyway, if I told you that I had magical powers that would allow me to make all your dreams come true after you die - would you worship me and do everything I tell you for the rest of your life?  If not, why not?  Because if you don't do exactly what I say, then I'll do horrible things to you after you die.

Why would anyone believe bullshit like that?

But that's only one side of it. Yes God expects us to worship him but he loves us too so it's a two way relationship of love, I think.

It's not a two way relationship - you are talking to air.  If you actually believe you are hearing and/or seeing Yahweh, then I strongly recommend you get some psychiatric care, as well as pharmaceuticals quickly.

I'm here - we are actually having an exchanges and THAT is a two way relationship.  So, the question is, why won't you believe me?  Do you just refuse to believe me because you don't want to give up your own free will?

How do you so easily dismiss the Bible as proof for God's existence then? And no I don't need meds. Thanx

Of which god?  Have you even read the thing?  It starts out talking about the different gods of Israel and Judea as it weaves those stories into one and cuts Asherah "El's wife" out of the temple.  Then it goes on to say that newly merged tribes are the chosen people (by the two gods now merged into one, who are not to be confused with other gods who should not be worshiped) and their descendants will inherit all the glory of the promised land.  Oh, but then they got booted from there for thousands of years and now they are going to hell for not believing in Christianity - a new 'covenant'.

How many covenants have the various gods in the bible offered mankind?  How many more times will they break them?

The bible is proof that continuity editors hadn't yet arrived when the various books of the bible were being stitched together.

Now, why do you so easily dismiss my words when I tell you that I'm the one with magical powers that can make all your dreams come true in the afterlife?

it's no ordinary book. It's many books written over centuries all pointing to Jesus as Lord.

Just replace the work "written" with "made-up." It is a collection of myths and legends. Some good story telling in there, but fiction. And that's not even getting in to the editing and multiple translations over the centuries.

It's not made up. It's been verified historically too.

I'm afraid that argument "Verified historically" doesn't hold up. That's the present problem - the Bible has NOT been verified substantially. It's simply the legends of a semetic people mixed with a few historic elements of questionable worth (who was recording the words of Adam and Eve? Noah? In what language?) As recent field work in the Middle East has progessed with modern tools and objective technique the authenticity of the Bible's history general history has been crumbling.

Oh, here we go...

Your claim: The Bible has been been verified historically.

In that case, please provide evidence to support this claim... I am particularly excited to read a scientific paper on a talking snake, and how we went from a population of 8 after the flood to the present day's 7 billion, and how that population is far more genetically diverse than could be explained by a population bottleneck of 8 people.

Mercedes, the reason we don't believe in the bible is that it's so full of shit, you need toilet paper around every time you open it. We are open to accepting the bible as true, but extordinary claims require extrodinary evidence... and so far we have a few sad apologists, and a couple of hoax artifacts. Not exactly compelling, is it?

I think you meant "hysterically" not "historically." 

I'm sure there are some passages that verify, but the bulk of it is horseshit, and to say it's been verified historically makes you look like the north end of a southbound horse.

What could possibly verify that the universe was created by a magical sorcerer? What in the world makes that more likely than what the cosmologists and physicists are telling us?


"Insanity is believing your hallucinations are real. Religion is believing that other peoples' hallucinations are real."
-- Dan Barker --


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