Militant in your Atheism that is...For those of you who consider yourselves "militant Atheists" I want to better understand two things:

1. What is Militant Atheism from your point of view...what really does it mean. Please explain in detail. Define it for us.

2. Why is it necessary. Why not just be an Atheist? Why do you consider it any different than the extreme points of view held by religious fanatics. Why isn't it enough to simply say, "I am an Atheist"

I'm asking this question honestly because I want to learn. I am an Atheist but not for very long. My mind is still poisoned by religion. I want to further my knowledge on the subject and help those others like me who are just starting to see the fog lift. Hope it will be an educational discussion. Thanks.

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Just look at the articles posted above and then ask me why I detest religion.  I suppose I would not be so aggressive if the religious nuts would just play among themselves and leave everyone else alone.  

Religious people must be profoundly unhappy.  It seems that they are indeed the proof of the old saw "misery loves company"

I wish I hadn't seen all that. The world is so sick.

It is depressing isn't it.

Wow. This literally made me feel sick. And people wonder why we have such an issue with religion! 'Nuff said.

Sorry, I don't think I got your point, can you just go over it one more time?

This, to me, explains why we cannot sit by and let injustices happen.  We cannot turn away and label it "a different culture" or pretend when it is far away that it does not affect us.  It does.

That's beautiful Strega.


Damn right


Because Richard Dawkins said -

go forth and be strident -

and everybody went forth and strode -

and they saw that it was good.




NUTPOO = Never Underestimate The Power Of One

I love it! I'm stealing it! lol


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