Militant in your Atheism that is...For those of you who consider yourselves "militant Atheists" I want to better understand two things:

1. What is Militant Atheism from your point of view...what really does it mean. Please explain in detail. Define it for us.

2. Why is it necessary. Why not just be an Atheist? Why do you consider it any different than the extreme points of view held by religious fanatics. Why isn't it enough to simply say, "I am an Atheist"

I'm asking this question honestly because I want to learn. I am an Atheist but not for very long. My mind is still poisoned by religion. I want to further my knowledge on the subject and help those others like me who are just starting to see the fog lift. Hope it will be an educational discussion. Thanks.

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dunno bout his first model but he did build a plastic car in 41, very much similar to a Saturn that GM used to build.  We could do so much with hemp though Fords car has more than just hemp used to build it. 

Sure, and I feel it is ridiculous that hemp is illegal.  I feel it is pointless and counter-productive that cannabis is illegal.  Even given that, though, I find this whole "weed can replace big pharma, big oil, forestry, and food oils while tripling the GDP" sort of message so far out to lunch that it hurts my brain to to read such bullshit.

Here is Greta Christina discussing why she is an "angry atheist"; it's a classic on the topic (she gave a shorter version of this as her speech at the Reason Rally).  I guess it could be considered a text version of the loooooong graphic posted on page one.

Other classics of hers:

10 Scariest States to Be an Atheist | Greta Christina's Blog

Ahlquist in the NYT | What Would JT Do?

The Armor of God, or, The Top One Reason Religion Is Harmful | Gret...

militant :

vigorously active and aggressive, especially in support of a cause:

I can say that my stance on anything supernatural, woo as Heather calls it, is very rigid to the point of intolerant. If I am in a circumstance where woo is finding favor then it is my atheistic duty to stand my ground. But because of where I live here in the southern U.S. I have to choose my battles wisely. Having to rely partly on the local population as clientele for my business it is a balancing act. The key is to make your point without coming across as callous and disrespectful. Of course whenever a theist is put on the defensive things do seem to escalate quickly. By maintaining one's composure in the face of heated debate it makes the other side look all the more foolish. 

We need to rock the religious boat and hopefully dump a few out every now and then. Being baptized with reason is something all theists could use. 

I think a debaptism could consist in handing the freshly apostate a towel.  And of course the implicit Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy reference just reinforces that.

Oh go on...just the one then

Loved that clip!

A Hitchens work out...He Lived Big!


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