Militant in your Atheism that is...For those of you who consider yourselves "militant Atheists" I want to better understand two things:

1. What is Militant Atheism from your point of view...what really does it mean. Please explain in detail. Define it for us.

2. Why is it necessary. Why not just be an Atheist? Why do you consider it any different than the extreme points of view held by religious fanatics. Why isn't it enough to simply say, "I am an Atheist"

I'm asking this question honestly because I want to learn. I am an Atheist but not for very long. My mind is still poisoned by religion. I want to further my knowledge on the subject and help those others like me who are just starting to see the fog lift. Hope it will be an educational discussion. Thanks.

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** Who's militant? Only parody will do against fundies -- but you gotta know their cant

Any atheist who speaks out in favor of a god-free culture is immediately assailed by fundies. Might as well wear a target -- there are those who are patient and as rational as possible with xian inverted snobbery -- their holy nihilism. Why do that? Fudies are impervious to reason. But, they don't like having a nose tweak -- Three Stooges Style.

Very recently a delegation of catholics attended the investiture of a pope. It was a disgusting spectacle for which Jefferson, Madison, or Franklin would have held only the deepest scorn -- representatives of a free people, in a secular state, kowtowing to a foreign god-proxy whose immoral beliefs do harm across the planet. --- So-- it was time for a nose tweak to all catholic fundies who crawl through the guts of Yahoo!

** Theater of the absurd plays to vast audience of pious dupes

US delegation -- kowtowing to a potentate, ultra-right politico, morally obtuse, pseudo-god-proxy, and CEO of World Wide Ponzi Scheme Spa. (Rome) -- your actions reflect poorly on a secular state and an Open Society.

One which stands for no xian obscurantism or false humanitarianism of the Vatican driven by the death impulse to hate women, devote itself to a gospel of overpopulation, and encourage spread of disease, especially AIDS.

Blessed are the poor -- especially those African AIDS babies. Killing homosexuals, however -- you go Uganda. Everybody gets a useless prayer -- so keep those mites coming in widows.

Atheism, like anything else is a very personal thing. Some people want to shout from the rooftops, some want to be assholes about it, and some would just as soon go about their daily lives without making a fuss. That's the great thing. Everyone gets to do whatever the hell they want. Be your own person, and decide for yourself!

To someone like me just coming out of religion to be honest the idea of being a "militant atheist" felt almost like jumping from one extreme to another. Atleast it did to me before I posted this question.... But after reading some of your responses I stand corrected. That's originally why I posed the question. It sounds like being "militant" is really just standing up for what's right...that's not militant that's common sense. It's humane, It's descent, It's right, it's moral, and it's what we all should do.

I'm happy that I've broken free. I want to help others do the same.

Personally I am very verbal about not believing in a sky daddy, when a believer begins to preach to me! But also feel compelled to speak when a believer of any sort, deems it moral to infringe on the rights and freedom of others. Which just so happens to be every time I learn of a recent crime against humanity (daily),by some religious nut, does give me pause.

Region did not fix me, it damn near broke me. So I would like to help break it's hold on the moral structure of the society, if only for one person, that person can teach another. The sooner we out grow religion the better off we will be. We have to live in the present day, following these dogma's can only produce conflict! With our self, and with others, the real important stuff happens after we stop living like we have an eternity to experience life, and realize that this planet, our only home, is not being looked after by god, and many of the people making decisions sure act like there is a deity cleaning up after it's silly "creation", making sure it's habitable for the future of human kind.

If we look back at the stupidly of human kind, especially when it comes to belief, we find generations of Christians waiting for the world to end, via Revelations. They have no reason to care about a temporary home, now do they?

The only good religion is a historic one!

Well said Belle.

I consider myself a militant anti-supernaturalist.  I find all forms of superstition and 'woo' offensive and object whenever such bullshit is interjected in any sort of tone suggesting it be taken seriously.  I find that the human psyche is all too easily infected by superstition and feel people need to be 'shocked' a little to realize when they are spewing utter rubbish.

One on one, few people will share any earnest expressions of superstition - but in groups where such views seem to be going unopposed, people tend to build off of the bullshit of others to go off on nonsensical rants about spiritual healing, the worthlessness of modern medicine, etc, etc.  A few sharp words of opposition usually stops such malarkey from cascading.

Just today I encountered a FB post about how the 'original Model T' was not only 'designed to run on hemp gasoline' but was also 'made of hemp'.  Although not a supernatural claim, it is just the sort of bullshit that people jump on without doing any fact checking.  Toss in a few facts, with citations, and people aren't as enthusiastic to share such rubbish.

Oh come on Heather you know that hemp will save the world. 

But don't despair we got rid of one piece of woo, it's been definitively proven that we didn't need 2001-style monoliths to become intelligent, just semi-poisonous mushrooms.

(OK let me run off and wash out my mouth with soap.)

dunno bout his first model but he did build a plastic car in 41, very much similar to a Saturn that GM used to build.  We could do so much with hemp though Fords car has more than just hemp used to build it. 

Sure, and I feel it is ridiculous that hemp is illegal.  I feel it is pointless and counter-productive that cannabis is illegal.  Even given that, though, I find this whole "weed can replace big pharma, big oil, forestry, and food oils while tripling the GDP" sort of message so far out to lunch that it hurts my brain to to read such bullshit.

Here is Greta Christina discussing why she is an "angry atheist"; it's a classic on the topic (she gave a shorter version of this as her speech at the Reason Rally).  I guess it could be considered a text version of the loooooong graphic posted on page one.

Other classics of hers:

10 Scariest States to Be an Atheist | Greta Christina's Blog

Ahlquist in the NYT | What Would JT Do?

The Armor of God, or, The Top One Reason Religion Is Harmful | Gret...


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