Can you explain why people assume that it's good to be sex-positive? Why be sex-positive instead of sex-skeptical and/or sex-ambivalent? Isn't sex-positivity a form of primitivism and bio-Luddism? What experimental-psychological evidence do sex-positives have to back their claims, if any? And if sex-positivity is not OK, then why is it that a majority of atheists are sex-positive? Or are they not?

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It's just something else to do that's sexual,and it doesn't make babies, which can be a big plus. I don't think anyone should feel forced to do it, but that would go for just about anything sexual.

Personally, I'm not interested in the concept of anal sex (from either end). But I am not negative about the idea itself existing. For whoever enjoys it; keep on enjoying it.

What would be valid reasons for being sex-negative? Aside from the obvious bad sexual experiences of rape/incest for instance.

What would be valid reasons for being sex-negative?

I've come across the argument, for example, that sexual arousal can affect cognition negatively, so that subjects take more sexual risks. For example, people who are sexually aroused may be more careless when using condoms. Sexual arousal could negatively affect cognition in other ways.

Here's one citation:

Ariely, D., & Loewenstein, G. (2006). The heat of the moment: The effect of sexual arousal on sexual decision making. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 19, 87–98. doi:10.1002/bdm.501

I hope a lot of money wasn't spent on that study. Only a study proving that water is wet could have a more ridiculously obvious conclusion.

exactly, it's like saying I am breath-negative or something equally fundamental and hard-wired.

In my opinion, sex represents life, both figuratively and literally. I find one's attitude toward sex to very closely mirror their outlook on life. So exchange the word, "sex" in the above paragraph, with the word, "life," and ask yourself how it sounds to you.

After reading the wikipedia document about the sex positive movement, it seems you are referring to swinging of sorts?

I'm not necessarily referring to swinging. As far as I understand, there is an important difference between sexual attitudes and sexual behaviors. For example, someone could be perfectly "asexual" and virginal and still have a sex-positive attitude. On the other hand, someone could be a sex-addict and sex-maniac and still have a sex-negative attitude. In other words, one can be average behaviorally and still be sex-positive. One does not have to be a swinger to be sex-positive.

Here is a video by Laci Green that I think is sort of illustrative of sex-positivity:

Do not misunderstand me, I LOVE sex, and whatever you do, don't consider me a pedophile by what I'm about to say (because I WILL find you!), but the one thing, given a choice, that I would accept before, or in place of sex, is a hug and kiss from a little child who loves me with all of his/her heart.

Sex I can get - that kind of devotion is rare --

Children are needy and seductive in their own way. And I'm not using "seductive" in its sexual sense, but rather I'm referring to how a child will play up to a grown-up to get what it wants. This is because they are small and weak and vulnerable, and they can't get much of what they want without getting it from a grown up. Children (like dogs and cats) don't really love you. You just represent food and warmth and physical pleasure.

In the case of dogs, add in the pack animal instincts, which can appear to be love and/or altruism.

True love is an adult thing. I believe the only REAL love is the love of the parent for the child, the love between true friends, and the love of the grown-up child for their parents. Romantic love? That's just a selfish form of obsession.

As always, Mr. Sunshine --

Mr Makes a lot of Sense


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