Can you explain why people assume that it's good to be sex-positive? Why be sex-positive instead of sex-skeptical and/or sex-ambivalent? Isn't sex-positivity a form of primitivism and bio-Luddism? What experimental-psychological evidence do sex-positives have to back their claims, if any? And if sex-positivity is not OK, then why is it that a majority of atheists are sex-positive? Or are they not?

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The love a parent has for a child is the strongest emotion in the world, by far (IMHO). It is almost primal in its strength. There is NO WAY a non-parent can comprehend this. I used to hear that before I had kids, and I thought, "sure... sure." Then my first child was born, and BAM!! that was it. I mean, you love your spouse, your best friends, your parents - but those pale in comparison to the love for your child. You can picture, even if it is painful, not having someone like your spouse in your life. Picturing your child being gone is a dark, horrific place that I can't even contemplate.

Just thought I'd share, and I'd love to hear from other parents to see if they agree.

Agree completely --

I think people who are sex-negative either have bad body image or have had a terrible sexual experience (like rape). Or their religion makes them feel guilty about sex. All three of these I see as not good. 

Positivivity towards sex is a lot better than denying a basic human drive and going all Catholic on people.  (Sorry, having a difficult time being all a-serious today!)

Very simple really.

Because sex is good.

(With all the caveats about it being between consenting adults, etc.)

I think there's ample evidence from the worlds of psychiatry and clinical psychology that being sex-negative is pathological.

I see no reason to feel bad about something that feels good, provides me with some much needed exercise, strengthens the bond with my husband and promotes a positive self image. 

There is enough negativity in the world already. 

Of course, I've shrugged off my religious baggage and I've never been raped or had a traumatic experience.  So there is that. 

Sex is a part of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - and pretty primary as well. In addition, it has many positive benefits outside of conception, so there is no reason to not be 'sex-positive'.

It is a beautiful, meaningful act between two consenting adults - especially those in love. It is ludicrous to be against sex, IMHO.

As a writer I find it stifles my creativity and lowers the quality of my work. I've seen it happen to friends as well (which saddens me). The fates have flooded my life with beautiful, vibrant, positively endearing women, but I avoid their ladyparts religiously.

That sounds like a psychological issue - and is possibly abnormal.(I hope you don't take offense - it is not intended that way)

I've never had that happen to me, incidentally.

why are so many discussions lately disingenuous prompts to aid strangers with their school projects/papers....? not hard to come out and say it, or be more clever about it. research via youtube is next...

"Masturbation usually does not raise any moral questions at all. It is surely the case that many women have found great good in self-pleasuring... (which) actually serves relationships rather than hindering them."

So wrote a little lady who may well have been a bit more sex-positive than she was "supposed" to be, and that's not all she had to say --


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